When considering whether to purchase new or used containers, it is certainly worth thinking hard about the latter. Used containers are perfect for a variety of uses, and if you are on a budget, these containers can help you meet your storage needs without breaking the bank.

Apart from the standard things you need to look out for when purchasing or hiring shipping containers, there are a few additional issues to consider when it comes to purchasing a used container.

Supplier reputation

When purchasing used containers it is always best to do so from a business that has a great reputation in supplying quality new and used products to the market. Shipping Containers Adelaide are a 100% Australian owned business offering not only quality containers but a 100% money back guarantee and fast delivery not only across South Australia, but across the country.

Inspecting the Container

It is always ideal to inspect the container you intend on purchasing for rust spots, damage, doors that don’t open correctly, holes and dents. You should also check for any patches of new paint as these may be hiding rust patches or damage. If there have been any repairs and patches done, these should have been done professional to ensure the integrity of the container.

Shipping Containers Adelaide offers a health check on all used containers purchased, ensuring the quality is has expected, everything is working correctly and that there are no leaks or damage.

Can it be repainted?

When you purchase a used shipping container, you probably have the reason for purchase on mind. If it is for simple storage or shipping of your household goods, you may not need to paint the outside of the container. If however, you are using the container as part of your home or business, it may need a lick of paint to match what you need.

What will the container be used for?

Whether you purchase a used container may come down to the intended use. You will need to have an idea in mind of what the container will be used for to ensure you get one that meets the grade you need, and if used for storage of food, needs to meet food safety regulations.

If you are looking to purchase used containers in South Australia, our friendly and professional team would love to show you what we have available. Contact us today.