Side opening shipping containers are a very useful variation of our tried-and-tested, standard sea containers. Originally developed for military use, they are wind and watertight, and allow access through either the full-length side or regular 270˚ opening end doors. This can considerably expedite the loading and unloading processes.

Side openers can be rented or purchased from Shipping Containers Adelaide at very competitive rates and usually dispatched within 24 hours from our local Adelaide depot. They are a great option when your load won’t squeeze through the conventional end doors.

Extremely Tough Steel Construction

Available in voluminous, 20 or 40-foot models, all our side opening shipping containers are manufactured from marine-grade Corten steel, proven to cope with the rigours of ocean travel and the potentially damaging effects of wind, rain and sandstorms. Also known as ‘weathering steel’, this hardy metal is corrosion-resistant and can be painted in a choice of colours or even stencilled with your company logo. Floors are constructed in a choice of hardwood or plywood which is screwed down to steel cross-beams to provide a solid, level platform. All our containers are intermodal, meaning they can be transferred train to truck to ship without unloading their cargoes.

Beating the Problem of Condensation

Condensation is a perpetual problem inside all steel shipping containers, often occurring on the roof and top six inches of the side walls. It can be caused by natural evaporation from the load being stored, differences in external and internal temperatures or a combination of both. The impact on cargoes can be a major issue but, thankfully, there are a number of measures Shipping Containers Adelaide or the customer can take in order to combat the problem. These include the installation of vents to promote airflow or the use of dehumidifiers or special ‘Absorpoles’ which hang between the corrugated panels and absorb all moisture.

Perfect as Either Long or Short-Term Storage Facilities

The use of Shipping Containers Adelaide’s side openers is not restricted to overseas haulage, because once decommissioned they can also provide extremely safe and secure storage. Dual-access increases the number of configurations these containers can be arranged in, maximising space at your site by allowing forklifts and trucks to approach from different angles. They are vandal-proof and with optional lock boxes will defeat most potential thieves. Our side opening shipping containers can hold a lot of cargo and are particularly useful for storing lengthy items like steel girders, concrete or wooden beams, pipes and sheets of metal, especially where there is restricted space for vehicle movement. They could also keep vehicles, machinery, water tanks and other large objects safe.


Modifying a Shipping Container is Easy

There are many additions or modifications you can make to your container, and our accessories list gives you a good idea of the most requested modification items. Whirlybirds, air vents, windows, shelving, power-points and data points, work benches, bathrooms, fluorescent lights, paintwork and more are all available. Your modifications can be as small (lockbox, shelves, flooring etc) or as extensive (entire residential fit out, including bathroom, kitchen, and laundry) as you want. If you have a grander idea in mind – an envy-inducing, customer-attracting trade show exhibit, for instance, or a movable feast of food festival booths, then we can also help. Shipping Containers Adelaide have one of the largest container modification facilities in Australia and a talented team of modification experts, so your shipping container can be customised to your specific needs with ease.

Side Opening Containers – Special Modifications

Due to the fact that important health and safety restrictions that govern all shipping containers while at sea are lifted once they’re decommissioned, side opening models can be readily adapted to a variety of different roles, either by our resourceful engineers or the customer. This could be as simple as adding extra windows, lighting and heating to provide rest rooms and canteens for workers on one of Adelaide’s many construction sites or a mining operation, but there are many other potential applications.

Designers around the world have really embraced the concept of repurposing shipping containers, to provide everything from offices and shops to hairdressing salons, bars and cafés. They have even been converted into multi-storey houses!

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