There are times that you need a shipping container in Adelaide yesterday. Perhaps you forgot to order one, or you’ve had a last minute shipment, office repair or event come up where you need some additional storage space. While normally you may spend a few days looking around at the various options, if you need a shipping container quickly and without fuss, Shipping Containers Adelaide is your answer.

What Type of Shipping Containers are Available?

Shipping Containers Adelaide stocks containers in various sizes, styles and conditions. Whether you want a brand new 20ft standard container or a used refrigerated container, there’s an option available for you. Starting from as little as $3.25 a day to hire, and available for as long as you need it, the friendly team at Shipping Containers Adelaide can usually get a container to your site within 24 hours. It may take us a little longer if you live a bit more remotely, but you can guarantee that if we can get it to you, we will.

What About Modified Containers?

Sometimes you might need a container that has been customised to meet your needs. Shipping Containers Adelaide can supply modified containers to suit you. Whether you need an office set up on a worksite, shelving, air conditioning, a lunch room or refrigeration, you’ll find a modified container option for industry or the general public. If you’ve got a bit of extra time, our experienced modification team are always ready for a challenge, and can work with you to create the perfect container home, pop up café or temporary office.

Shipping Containers Adelaide is 100% Australian owned and all modifications happen right here in Australia. Our containers and their modifications come with a money back guarantee in case you aren’t happy (but we’re pretty sure you will be).

If you need a standard or modified shipping container for hire or purchase, contact the team at Shipping Containers Adelaide – we can get you sorted.