At Shipping Containers Adelaide we have both new and used general purpose, high cube and full side opening containers available, in 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot sizes. These three containers are the most commonly used for shipping, storage space and converting. We can also modify and customise your shipping containers to your exact specifications, from simple items like extra doors, windows, shelves, air-vents, and painting, to complete conversions like roadshow exhibits, accommodation, container cafes, shops and bars.

Most commonly seen stacked high on a ship or in the dockland area around Port of Adelaide, general purpose shipping containers are – as the name suggests – the most well-known of the various shipping containers available. Simple and versatile, exceptionally strong and nigh-on-indestructible, they are designed to withstand hundreds of long sea or rail journeys, as well as the constant transfer from ship to truck to train to warehouse (and vice versa). This strength and versatility of the general purpose containers makes them popular for purposes other than shipping as well.

Used General Purpose Shipping Containers Adelaide

Once a general purpose shipping container has finished life on the sea or road, it can still be used for many years in other capacities. Some will have spent many years travelling long distances, whilst others may have only done one or two trips. Whatever their travelling history, you can be sure that if you buy a used or second hand general purpose container from Shipping Containers Adelaide, it will be in good condition.

New or “One Trip” General Purpose Containers

If you need a container in near-perfect condition to ship or store goods that need a pristine environment, a ‘New’ or ‘One Trip’ shipping container is the ideal selection. In Adelaide, ‘New’ shipping containers may actually have already been used for one or two trips carrying a light and clean cargo like clothes or soft furnishings. Shipping containers have a lifespan of around 20 years, so a ‘new container’ is like a new car…it will always have a few kilometres on the odometer, even though it’s new.

High Cube Shipping Containers

High cube shipping containers are almost exactly the same as general purpose shipping containers. The only difference is an extra foot in height. This gives the extra ‘head room’ large cargo requires, and is great for shipping or storing items that would otherwise not fit into a normal container. Note that the gross weight limit is the same across both general purpose and high cube containers, so it doesn’t give extra weight capacity – just more height. Like the general purpose ocean cargo shipping containers, high cube containers are made with solid corten steel and are completely waterproof, so offer a sturdy, durable, wind-proof, watertight, secure method of storing or shipping your goods. Our high cube containers are available in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes and can be fully painted, both inside and out to prevent corrosion.

Side Loading Shipping Containers

Side opening shipping containers are similar to general purpose containers, but, along with the standard double doors at the end of the container, one side of the container has heavy duty double bi-fold doors. This gives easier access to goods and stored items and makes side opening shipping containers popular for their ‘drive-in’ convenience, especially when forklifts are used. At Shipping Containers Adelaide we have standard shipping containers 20ft side opening readily available, whilst 40 foot side opening shipping containers can be modified on request.

As a side loading shipping container will need space on the loading side for the doors to open, careful siting of the container is required if you want to utilise the side access.


Modifying a Shipping Container is Easy

There are many additions or modifications you can make to your container, and our accessories list gives you a good idea of the most requested modification items. Whirlybirds, air vents, windows, shelving, power-points and data points, work benches, bathrooms, fluorescent lights, paintwork and more are all available. Your modifications can be as small (lockbox, shelves, flooring etc) or as extensive (entire residential fit out, including bathroom, kitchen, and laundry) as you want. If you have a grander idea in mind – an envy-inducing, customer-attracting trade show exhibit, for instance, or a movable feast of food festival booths, then we can also help. Shipping Containers Adelaide have one of the largest container modification facilities in Australia and a talented team of modification experts, so your shipping container can be customised to your specific needs with ease.

Converting A High Cub Container

The extra foot in height that a High Cube container has makes it ideal for modifications. High cube containers are perfect for workrooms, garden sheds, a separate office, or even extra accommodation. High cube shipping containers are also popular for shipping container homes. Along with their added foot in height, their strong, stackable, modular features give so many opportunities to create an exciting environmentally-friendly, wallet-friendly home-office or granny flat.

Modifying A Side Opening Container

Side opening shipping containers are also a popular container for modifications, because little more needs to be done to them to have a workable space except a few windows or the like. For a completely rustic look, you simply need to open the doors up wide, and there you have it – a great space for an art gallery, retail space, market shop or exhibition container. An electrical fit out and a few items of furniture can turn them into fully functioning site offices, media centres, festival stands, retail shops, ticket booth or exhibition space. Easy, inexpensive and – the most important part – transportable!

Get Your Site Office from the Expert

Whatever size, style or type of shipping container you need, we can arrange it for you. And remember, in many cases you can have your container delivered to you the very next day, especially if you live in Adelaide or surrounding areas. To order your general purpose, high cube or side loading general purpose shipping container. Don’t waste time. Give us a call on (08) 6166 3598 or fill out our form to get an instant quote and we’ll get your site office out to you ASAP.

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