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If you live in Adelaide and want to hire a shipping container at the best price, then give Shipping Containers Adelaide a call. Whether you need a General Purpose, High Cube or Refrigerated shipping container, we can get it to you fast – usually within 24 hours. A little longer if you live in a more remote area, but wherever you live – Border Village, the Barossa Valley, Mt Gambier, Streaky Bay, Coober Pedy, Innamincka… we can still get it to you in good time, and at a great price.

We have General Purpose, High Cube or Refrigerated containers available for hire in both 20 foot and 40 foot sizes. Not sure what size you might need? No worries, we can help there too. Give us a call on (08) 6166 3598 and we can advise what’s best for you.

Container Hire Adelaide

Doesn’t matter what size your operation is, we can arrange shipping container hire for you quickly and easily.

Need a dozen containers sent out to a mine site or construction site, pronto? We can fix it. Run an oyster or cray business and your coolroom has broken down? Hire a refrigerated shipping container and relax! Need some storage while you’re renovating or on holidays? We can sort that too. Hiring a shipping container is the perfect solution for when you only need it for a short time. Added benefit? Shipping Containers Adelaide arranges everything for you – including delivery and removal.


Run a Business? Hire a Shipping Container

Hiring a shipping container can make great business sense. You may need to ship or store goods for a limited time, and don’t want the expense or commitment required for renting a commercial premises, or building a permanent structure. A shipping container takes up very little room, but can store a great deal. Need extra freezer space over summer, but don’t need it the rest of the year? A refrigerated container that you hire for the busy trading period is a great cost-effective option. Got a one-off big order coming in with nowhere to store it? Need to ship goods on a once-a-year basis? Hiring is a terrific way to do it.


Hire a Shipping Container for Storage

Hiring a shipping container for storage can be a huge benefit when you’ve got a lot of stuff that needs to be sorted in a short time. Fitting two households into the size of one (a combined family for instance, Brady Bunch style, or a parent moving in, or kids coming back home) can be pretty tricky, but shipping container storage can help give some space and time until you sort things out. Or perhaps you’re not combining – just overwhelmed by too much stuff? Again, a space where you can store your stuff until you’re ready to deal with it can be a huge benefit.


Going Travelling? Hire a Shipping
Container to Store Your Belongings

So you’ve got the caravan, and you’re heading off around Australia (or even just South Australia – it’s certainly big enough to keep you busy for a few months!). But what do you do about your house? You store all the important stuff in a shipping container, and then rent it out, that’s what! Or get a house-sitter in if you’ve got pets, or don’t need the income. Got a job overseas for a year but don’t want to sell up everything? A shipping container can hold a whole household – without the exorbitant storage costs!


Building or Renovating?
Make Things Easy with a Hire Shipping Container

You can also hire a shipping container whilst renovating or building. If you’ve ever renovated, you’ll know that it’s a whole lot easier in an empty room than one covered in dustsheets (hint: they don’t keep out a whole lot of dust!!). If you’re building your own home, or perhaps your beach shack or getaway bush retreat, a shipping container is a fantastic secure space to store expensive equipment and supplies for when you’re not there. Once you’re finished, we remove the container for you – easy!

The Cost of Hiring a Shipping Container

Hiring a container is not expensive. In Adelaide, hire container costs start at just $3.25 a day. If you compare that to storage places where you have to load and unload your goods into a truck, it’s pretty sweet! Plus you have access to your goods whenever you want them. Don’t pay more for storage than you have to. Hire a shipping container from Shipping Containers Adelaide – it’s easy, and it’s cheap.

Shipping Container Hire Period

We do have a minimum hire period on our shipping containers of 3 months. But don’t worry – you can hire one for a shorter time if you like – we will remove it whenever you want. This means that whether you hire it for one week or 3 months, the hire costs are the same, but you have the convenience of having the container for exactly the amount of time you want. Our rates are extremely reasonable, so even if you only need a container for one month, paying for the three months still works out pretty cost effective (especially if you compare it to other storage options). And if you want to hire a container for a year, or two, or three? No problem at all! Of course you may like to consider buying a container, but it’s not necessary. One of our happy customers hired a container for 7 years while he took an extended trip overseas … so hire away!

Getting Your Shipping Container Delivered

Delivering a shipping container is easy (that’s what they were designed for, after all) and here at Shipping Containers Adelaide we know all the tricks and techniques of successful container delivery. We have a range of methods that can be used to deliver your container safely, which we will organise when arranging the hire. We will need to know about access to your property (does the container need to go over a fence? Will it fit through narrow gates?) and you do want to have a good, flat site chosen (with footings, if necessary) before the container arrives. Don’t worry, we don’t usually have many problems with access or delivery – and we’re pretty good at sorting them out – it just helps to be aware of everything beforehand, so that delivery can be smooth and quick.

Council Regulations – Worth Checking Out

Hiring a container is very easy, but there are some things you need to take into account, like council regulations. For instance, some councils restrict the amount of time it is possible to have a container on your property, so short-term hire may be the only option. Some consider them a permanent structure like a shed (usually if they are being used as an office or accommodation, but you want to be sure) and require approval. Best to check your council’s regulations before you hire.

Moving? Use Our ‘Load Yourself’ Removals Hire

Moving – it’s always stressful! But here at Shipping Containers Adelaide, we can make it just that little bit less stressful by giving you time and space to do the packing yourself – no need to book a removalist. It’s simple. We bring a shipping container to your premises, so that you can pack all your goods and furnishings in your own time. When it’s full, we pick it up and deliver it to your new home. You also have the option of storing your goods if you’re not ready to receive them straight away – for example, if you need time to look for a place to live, or you have furnished accommodation as part of a relocation package. Once you’re ready to take delivery of your container, let us know, and we’ll take it to your new premises. You unpack the container (in your own time, your own way) and we take it away again. Easy, cheap, and a lot less stress.


Shipping Containers Adelaide – the Experts in Shipping Container Hire

When you hire a shipping container, you want to make sure that you’re ordering from a quality outfit that will make it easy. We’ve been in the business for quite a while now, and we’re really proud of our easy ordering, excellent service, speedy delivery and competitive hire rates. Shipping Containers Adelaide really is the best place to hire your shipping container!


Quality Shipping Container Hire Guaranteed

All our Shipping Containers are given a containers health check, and they are all guaranteed as well – another safeguard that makes hiring from Shipping Containers Adelaide a big plus. So you can be sure that any goods you need shipped or stored will enjoy the best quality containers available.


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