When you are in the market for a brand new container, you may spend some time thinking about the style you need. Or perhaps you just know you need a new container but have no idea on what is available. Shipping Containers Adelaide stocks a huge range of new containers for a variety of purposes.

It is wise to note that most shipping containers sold “new” have generally been used once or twice to ship light and clean cargo such as clothing and soft furnishings. With a 20 year expected lifespan, a container that has been used like this is still considered to be new.

General Purpose Shipping Container

A general purpose shipping container is the one you will recognise when you see a container. Great for storage of items, or for shipping your own goods around the country or the world, general purpose shipping containers come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of needs.

High Cube Container

There isn’t too much difference between a general purpose container and a high cube container other than the extra foot in height. This allows you to store or ship taller items that don’t fit into a standard shipping container.

Side Opening Container

These containers are great for when you want to drive your items into them or looking for a temporary or permanent art, work, retail, exhibition or living space. They are essentially the same as a general purpose shipping container but have heavy duty doors that open along the side of the container. You will of course, need to have a space for the container to have access from the side.

Refrigerated Container

Refrigerated containers are perfect for shipping goods that need to be kept cool, or for those one off events where you need extra fridge or freezer space. Businesses also use these in busy periods, such as the lead up to Christmas or wedding season, when they need room for extra stock.

Adelaide Shipping Containers also stocks flat rack containers, dangerous goods containers and insulated containers amongst many others. If you’re looking for a new container for storage or shipping for your home or business, give us a call.