Shipping Containers Adelaide both exports and imports a vast amount of containerised cargo each year, a significant proportion of which is far too tall or bulky to be housed within standard containers. This is where Shipping Containers Adelaide’s flat racks come into their own. They are available to rent or purchase and will be delivered fast to a location of your choice.

Essentially a completely flat and extremely strong steel platform (with optional end collapsible walls) flat rack shipping containers are used by our customers to safely transport awkward, over-height consignments all over Australia and across the globe. When even high cube containers won’t do the job, opt for flat racks.

Solid and Reliable Construction

Shipping Containers Adelaide build the toughest flat racks in the business. All our units are made in Australia from heavy duty weathering steel, designed to handle the world’s most extreme environments – mountainous seas, hurricane-force winds and sand storms – and still come back for more. When you trust Shipping Containers Adelaide’s products, you are trusting the best.

Your Safest Container Option for Moving Over-Height Consignments

As the main gateway to South Australia and the country’s fifth largest metropolis, Adelaide is a busy transport hub for a host of different industries and commercial enterprises – mining, construction, technology, construction materials and manufacturing. Such businesses regularly specify our flat rack shipping containers for hauling motor vehicles, boats, lengths of iron and steel, timber, agricultural equipment, industrial hardware and machinery. With sizes available from 10 to 40-metres, there aren’t many loads they can’t handle.

Intermodal Design for Seamless Transportation

Because they are ‘intermodal’, our flat rack shipping containers can be easily switched between different modes of haulage, from train to truck to ship. Prior to the development of intermodal units, loads would have to be broken loaded and unloaded, wasting valuable time and adding significantly to labour costs. The containers are further designed to be easily handled by specialised dockside cranes, forklifts or trucks equipped with Hiabs, to make sure transfer is fast and safe. Standardised, weight-bearing corner posts ensure that flat racks are also stackable.

All our flat rack shipping containers feature strong, steel lashing-rings welded to the side rails, side walls, corner posts and floor, to which your load can be secured to prevent slippage, even on challenging rural tracks, up and down hills or during storms at sea.

Different Types for Different Loads

Over the years Shipping Containers Adelaide have developed a flexible range of flat rack shipping containers with the intention of providing you with a cost-effective solution to moving virtually any over-sized load. Satisfied customers have successfully used them for transporting large cable drums, water and fuel tanks, timber roofing profiles, yachts and even monster trucks! Below is a list of the available lengths and configurations. Our experienced customer service team are happy to advise on the best option for your load.

  • 20-foot collapsible-end flat rack containers

  • 20-foot fixed-end flat rack containers

  • 20-foot platform flat rack containers

  • 40-foot collapsible-end flat rack containers

  • 40-foot fixed-end flat rack containers

  • 40-foot platform flat rack containers


Modifying a Shipping Container is Easy

There are many additions or modifications you can make to your container, and our accessories list gives you a good idea of the most requested modification items. Whirlybirds, air vents, windows, shelving, power-points and data points, work benches, bathrooms, fluorescent lights, paintwork and more are all available. Your modifications can be as small (lockbox, shelves, flooring etc) or as extensive (entire residential fit out, including bathroom, kitchen, and laundry) as you want. If you have a grander idea in mind – an envy-inducing, customer-attracting trade show exhibit, for instance, or a movable feast of food festival booths, then we can also help. Shipping Containers Adelaide have one of the largest container modification facilities in Australia and a talented team of modification experts, so your shipping container can be customised to your specific needs with ease.

Flat Rack Fixed-End Shipping Containers

With steel ends in place, fixed-end containers can be stacked on ships or in container depots to maximise space. Your consignment will also enjoy increased protection and security. It will need to be loaded form the side by forklift (steel forklift pockets are welded in place) or above by crane or Hiab-equipped truck. This needs to be factored in by transport managers.

Flat Rack Collapsible Shipping Containers

This is another variation of the popular flat rack and come into their own by allowing long, over-height vehicles to be driven in via ramps. The end walls are then put back in place to help secure the load. This type of container is used heavily by the mining and agricultural industries to move earth-moving vehicles and other heavy plant from Shipping Containers Adelaide inland to drilling sites and sheep or cattle stations.

Platform Flat Rack Containers

With no superstructure to restrict space, platform 20ft and 40ft flat racks with their high loading capacity are the answer to a prayer for transport managers who have exhausted all other options. There is virtually no restriction on height and width, provided vehicles can manage the consignment safely. In certain instances, police escorts may be required for safety purposes during road trips and the route needs to be carefully planned to avoid narrow points and low bridges.

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