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When you need to shelter or garage big items, but don’t need a permanent structure, what do you do? Install a shipping container shelter! Strong, sturdy, windproof, waterproof, easily transported, easily erected (no building permit required) … a shipping container shelter is the perfect solution for short-term (or long-term) shelter of oversize goods. They offer protection from rain, sun, wind and dust, and they are extremely cost-effective too. And the best place to get it from? Shipping Containers Adelaide of course. We have a range of top quality shipping container shelters at competitive prices, ready to go.

Shipping container shelters may look like something out of science fiction film, but then often the equipment they were created to protect does too. One piece of mining gear can cost more than a house, and whilst built to survive tough and rugged conditions, it still needs to be housed properly when not in use. Arranging garaging or shelter for oversized equipment in a remote or rugged area on a temporary basis is a pretty difficult call – which is why shipping container shelters were created.

These futuristic-looking structures are the perfect solution to the tricky challenge of providing shelter and protection on temporary worksites. But they can be used on a long-term basis too – the shelters have a 5-10 year warranty, and are incredibly strong and resilient. Plus the shipping container bases provide a large area for extra storage.

Our top quality container shelters are perfect for protecting and storing large items like industrial machinery, trucks, mining equipment, farm equipment, vehicles and construction equipment. The heavy-duty steel frame & tensioning systems allow for a robust work space. Though container shelters are commonly used in the mining, construction, energy, and transport industries, any business that requires goods to be sheltered from the elements can benefit from a shipping container shelter. Food production, nurseries and agriculture, wineries, cattle stations or sheep stations, studs, farms, car yards… if you’ve been considering getting a new shed or warehouse, but not sure about the expense, then a shipping container can make a great alternative.

How Container Shelters Work

It’s a simple idea, but a clever one. Two shipping containers are placed opposite each other, leaving the area for the machinery or goods in between.

Next, the shelter is secured to the shipping containers to create a strong, sturdy, wind-proof, water-proof shelter. If you need a taller shelter, two shipping containers can be stacked upon each other.

This provides a 5 metre wall and four containers to accommodate various uses like secure storage, a workshop or site office – even a sleeping area.

You can also use the four containers non-stacked, to create an even bigger shelter space. End walls are also available when you want to completely enclose your equipment or site.

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Flexible Siting Options

Though shipping container shelters were traditionally mounted on shipping containers, these days there are several ways a shipping container shelter can be sited. They can be mounted on containers, fences or posts. Standalone models are also available. So you can actually have a shipping container shelter without a shipping container (very versatile)! We have a wide range, so if you need help choosing, or you’re not sure which kind of shelter is best for you, give us a call on 1300 957 709 and we’ll be able to help.


Shipping Container + Container Shelter = Double Benefits

If you’re using shipping container bases, you have the added benefit of using the shipping containers for whatever purpose you desire as well. They’re ideal for storage, but don’t be limited! You could use a modified shipping container to really make the most of the space. For instance, a site office, accommodation container and a shelter can create a very functional worksite. You can put the equipment away for the night, finish off the paperwork and get a good night’s sleep – no travel required.


Portable – Or Not. Up to You!

One of the beauties of a shipping container shelter is that it’s portable, so can be moved from site to site when required. However, if you’re not planning on going anywhere, don’t let that stop you getting a shipping container shelter. You may not need the portable benefits of a shipping container shelter, but you may find a shipping container shelter is still ideal for your business or situation. If you’ve been considering building a new shed, warehouse, hangar or garage, consider whether a shipping container shelter may be a better solution


Premium and Economy Shipping Container Shelters Available

We provide a wide range of shipping container shelters, including an economy range and premium range. And yes, we can also arrange a custom-built shelter if required. The shelters are constructed out of strong, durable tensile membrane and are wind-rated up to 152 kms an hour. Higher wind rated shelters (up to 316kms) are also available. Every shelter is constructed to Australian Standards and is covered by a warranty, so you can be sure of the highest quality.

Shipping Container Shelters Features:

  • Easily transported, economical shipment

  • Easy to construct

  • Made out of strong and durable tensile membrane

  • Standard units wind-rated up to 152 kmph

  • Higher wind ratings up to 316 kmph available

  • Permanent or transportable options

  • Position on shipping containers, walls or posts

  • Stand-alone models available

  • Low radiant heating

  • Range of colours available

  • Total sun block out available

  • No beams – no birds!

  • 6-16 m wide, 6-30+ m length

  • Custom sizes available

Protect Your Expensive Equipment with a Shipping Container Shelter

If you need to protect expensive equipment, you could build a shed or warehouse – or you could simply ship in a shipping container shelter.

Here at Shipping Containers Adelaide, we have a huge range of shipping container shelters to suit you, and they all come with a warranty and money back guarantee. Remember, Shipping Containers Adelaide is 100% Australian owned, and we have depots all around Australia, so whether you need a shipping container or shipping container shelter, we can arrange one for you quickly and easily. (And our prices are some of the best in the business too.) Need a shipping container shelter? Then give us a call on (08) 6166 3598, or fill out our easy to use quote form and we’ll fix everything up for you.

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