You’ve probably noticed a trend recently of people transforming used containers to meet their needs, whether it be for personal or business use. But while this trend may have started with shipping container homes placed on blocks of land to minimise costs, smart entrepreneurs and business owners are going a little further. Let’s take a look at some of the more common used container transformations.

Used Container Site Offices

For anyone working on a big project, a site office is a must, particularly one that is insulated, air conditioned and completely secure. These site offices can be shipped from location to location, giving you the benefit of an office and equipment available whenever you need them – there’s no wasting time while driving back to the office.

But these set-ups aren’t just great for projects. If you’re running an event or even find yourself needing office space at home, a site office can be a great addition to meet your needs.

Shipping Container Bars

Struggling to find a location with the right atmosphere for your bar or looking for something you can use at various events around the state? Shipping Containers Adelaide can help you get your used container bar up and running quickly and have you out at your location in no time. With lighting, glass sides, refrigeration, shelving, food prep tables, air con and more, people won’t quite believe your new bar was once a shipping container.

Container Shelters

Whether on the work site, the farm or in an industrial setting, container shelters can provide you with much needed undercover work and storage area, so that you can continue working without worrying about the weather. While container shelters were once typically mounted on shipping containers, these days you don’t need containers – they can be mounted on fences and posts as well. Businesses tend to use them with used containers as it provides lock up storage as well. Container shelters save the need on building a full shed or hiring additional storage capacity.

If you have a need that can be met with used containers, let Adelaide Shipping Containers help you transform one to meet your needs.