Shipping Containers Adelaide are an Australian-owned company that builds the finest open top shipping containers on the market. We turn orders around fast and will deliver them to any truck-accessible location in Adelaide or South Australia. We also have a wide network of depots located across the country. Our open top shipping containers come in a choice of 20 or 40-foot lengths to purchase or hire.

Open tops are a smart solution to the problem of loading cargoes that are simply too large to fit through the end doors of standard shipping containers; we are talking about things like heavy plant, industrial equipment, large fuel tanks and cumbersome vehicles. Open tops are also useful when there is insufficient clearance to load lengthy items, such as steel girders and plastic pipes bound for Adelaide’s many construction sites. On the crowded decks of ocean-going freighters space is always at a premium and loading by crane or grab from above is sometimes the only realistic option. Of course you can always use the end doors if circumstances permit.

Robust Steel Construction

We always insist on using corrugated, marine-grade Corten steel (also known as weathering steel) because it’s been tried and tested on the world’s oceans over many decades and will guarantee years of service, provided the sea container is properly maintained. Heavy duty steel lashing rings are welded to the side rails and corner posts to prevent movement of cargo. Floors are made from a choice of durable hardwood or plywood, firmly screwed to solid steel cross-members for maximum load-bearing capacity.

Protection from Wind and Rain

Once the load is put in place and secured, roof bows and a door header (which can be swivelled out) are installed, to provide a firm base for the tarpaulin which is then stretched across to provide partial protection from the elements. The resilient tarpaulins, as supplied by Shipping Containers Adelaide, are all made from PVC and TIR-approved. They can be firmly lashed to the side rails and corner posts via the lashing rings, to create a water and windproof seal.  The roof bows are indispensable in maintaining the structural integrity of the whole superstructure, meaning open tops aren’t suitable for transporting over-height cargoes. In these instances, our flat rack shipping container are definitely the best option.

The Ideal Solution to Shipping Over-Height Cargoes

Moving over-height cargoes in and out of Adelaide that won’t even fit into a 9’6” open top shipping container becomes the job of our trusty flat-rack units which are essentially flat platforms with unrestricted headroom. They have no walls but some have ends that can be easily collapsible. They can even be safely stacked. They are the best option if, for example, you need to ship tall, heavy equipment bound for South Australia’s mining sites. Shipping Containers Adelaide are experts in transporting over-height loads, so please call us if you need specialist advice before ordering.


Modifying a Shipping Container is Easy

There are many additions or modifications you can make to your container, and our accessories list gives you a good idea of the most requested modification items. Whirlybirds, air vents, windows, shelving, power-points and data points, work benches, bathrooms, fluorescent lights, paintwork and more are all available. Your modifications can be as small (lockbox, shelves, flooring etc) or as extensive (entire residential fit out, including bathroom, kitchen, and laundry) as you want. If you have a grander idea in mind – an envy-inducing, customer-attracting trade show exhibit, for instance, or a movable feast of food festival booths, then we can also help. Shipping Containers Adelaide have one of the largest container modification facilities in Australia and a talented team of modification experts, so your shipping container can be customised to your specific needs with ease.

Purchase an Open Top Shipping Container

Buying an open top shipping container in Adelaide has never been easier. Open top containers are extremely versatile, easily delivered by us right across Adelaide, South Australia, and nationally) and remarkably well priced.  Give us a buzz on (08) 6166 3598 or fill out our form to get an instant quote to get yours.

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