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Every big project needs a site office, and here at Shipping Containers Adelaide, can we bring you one of the best – shipped in within 24 hours if necessary. Insulated, air-conditioned, ultra-tough and completely secure, Adelaide Port Containers’ mobile site offices are the top choice for many industries. We specialise in custom-built site offices for all industries and any situation, and can design, manufacture and deliver both shipping container offices and multi-purpose transportable buildings to wherever you require them. Easily shipped in, easily shipped to the next location, completely safe and secure, they’re the top choice for a busy worksite.

We don’t just provide to industry either. Whilst our site offices are popular on worksites, mining sites, energy sites, construction sites, and agricultural properties, they are also top choices for the arts (like music festivals, writer’s festivals, exhibitions and cultural events) and small businesses too. Even members of the general public can benefit from a site office…with more and more people working from home, a separate space for business is often required, and a portable site office is the perfect solution.

Get Your Shipping Container Site Office Here

Our shipping container site offices are one of the most popular shipping containers that Shipping Containers Adelaide sell. Built with solid, heavy duty Corten steel, designed to withstand long journeys in rugged conditions (with travel on trucks, trains and ships, through ocean storms and desert dust, in hot, cold, wet and dry seasons) there’s not much they can’t handle on a busy worksite. Shipping Containers Adelaide’s site offices are the strongest on the market. Air-conditioning, an insulated roof, power, phone and data fittings, a lockable store room, secure personnel doors, and windows with heavy duty security shutters are all available. Everything you need to operate a busy worksite effectively and efficiently, ready to go. You can also add particular fittings or accessories – plus we can also customise a site office specifically to suit your precise needs.

Site Office Features:

  • Easy to transport and relocate

  • Made in Australia

  • Modular, expandable – combine for bigger space Stackable – fit small spaces easily

  • Windproof, waterproof, pest proof

  • Exceptionally secure

  • Different sizes and layouts available

  • Ready to go, or custom-built

Site Office Features:

  • Electrical fit out

  • Phone and data fit out

  • Lighting

  • Air-conditioning

  • Insulation

  • Personnel door

  • Windows

  • Security shutters

  • Office furniture


Readymade or Customised Site Offices – You Choose

In a hurry? Need your site office pronto? Here at Shipping Containers Adelaide we have a huge range of already-designed site offices that can be shipped out to you immediately. We also have a large range of shipping containers converted into many other items that a busy worksite needs as well. So if you need a fully stocked first aid room, or a lunchroom, ablution block, workshop, dangerous goods container or accommodation for your staff, we have all of that as well – and more.

If you need a specialised or customised site office, we can arrange that easily as well. We have one of the biggest shipping container modification centres in Australia, and we are the leaders in custom shipping container conversions. You can add extra fittings or items from our accessories list (like heavy duty shelving for instance, or extra windows, or a specialised floor). Or you can let us know what you need and we can customise your site office to suit your exact requirements.

A Site Office In the Backyard…Now There’s a Great Idea!

If you work from home, you don’t need us to tell you how important it is to have your own work space. Children, partners, pets and neighbours can all be a big distraction…as can the TV, kitchen, lounge and bed! A site office is great way to draw a line between your home and work life, and has the added benefit of keeping your work secure as well. (Important architectural plans helpfully ‘coloured in’ aren’t always a good look!) The productivity and efficiency you will achieve from having your own space will soar, and will lead to a much happier home life. If the dream of working from home has turned into a nightmare, a site office from Shipping Containers Adelaide could be just the thing to get you back on track again!

Get Your Site Office from the Experts

The site office is the soul of every worksite, and at Shipping Containers Adelaide we have a range of site offices ready for you to start working immediately. Installed with everything you need in an office, you just need to plug in the computer and get started. When you need a strong, reliable, easily transportable site office in a hurry, Shipping Containers Adelaide is the place to get it from. Don’t waste time. Give us a call on (08) 6166 3598 or fill out our form to get an instant quote and we’ll get your site office out to you ASAP.

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