And you’ve definitely chosen the best place to buy one from. Shipping Containers Adelaide is one of Australia’s top sellers and modifiers of shipping containers. Try us out and you’ll see that we provide the best service and offers on shipping containers, whether they’re new, used, specialised or modified. Plus we deliver right across South Australia – and the rest of Australia too. If you’re in Adelaide and surrounds, we can usually get a shipping container to you within 24 hours – not much longer than that anywhere else.

The Best Place to Buy a Shipping Container in Adelaide

So what kind of container do you need? Chances are we have it right here, ready to go. You can buy general purpose containershigh cube containersside loading containersflat rack containersopen top containersinsulated containers, and refrigerated containers, all ready to ship your goods by truck, train, or ship around Australia or across the world.

You can also buy a modified container for worksites – we have everything you need, including accommodation containers, site offices, lunch rooms, toilets (including remote ablution blocks that don’t need power or water) first aid rooms, dangerous goods containers, training containers and more.

If we haven’t got what you want, we can build it for you. We are the experts in creating custom-designed shipping containers, and can provide one tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you just want a simple modification or a grand design, we can arrange it for you. We have access to one of the biggest shipping container modification facility in Australia – a visit to our special projects page here will show you the amazing things we can create!

We are 100% Australian owned and operated, and have gained a great deal of experience in shipping containers of all sorts in our many years of experience in the industry. Big or small, company or individual, whether you’re looking to ship goods, outfit a big mining site or just need some extra storage or living space, Shipping Containers Adelaide is the first place to look when buying a shipping container.


Shipping Containers for Shipping

At Shipping Containers Adelaide our shipping containers for sale include standard general shipping containers, high cube containers and side loading containers all in 20 foot and 40 foot sizes. We also have a wide range of specialised containers, including open top containers (these are loaded by crane through the top, but are then secured with either a heavy-duty tarpaulin or steel lid), flat rack containers (good for large, long, tall or awkward items) refrigerated containers (for frozen or cold goods), and insulated containers. Know what you need already? Send through your request and we’ll get on to it immediately. Not sure? Give us a call and we can help advise the best container for you.


Shipping Containers for Industry

We also provide containers for mining and construction – everything you need for a fully functioning worksite. Toilets? Our portable ablution blocks will see you right there. Accommodation? Check out our great range here. Site rooms, switch rooms, lunch rooms, first aid rooms (fully stocked with first-aid equipment) confined space training containers, and dangerous good containers are all easily arranged. We have been providing shipping containers to big industry for many years now, and know what’s required to get the job done.


Buy Any Accessories You Need for
Your Shipping Container Here

We have a long list of accessories than can be used to outfit your shipping container so that it suits your specific requirements as well. Need a door or window? Easy. A specialised floor that can be hosed out? Done. Shelving, secure storage cages, ramps, electricity, lighting, air-conditioning, a specialised paint job – all easily arranged. Take a look at our accessories page here, or give us a call and tell us what you need.


Buy a Shipping Container for
Your Block or Property

Tiny homes are becoming very popular now, and a shipping container is perfect for the task, so if you’ve got room on your property, or a bush or beach block that you need a secure, self-contained structure for, a shipping container may be just what you need. You can use one of our ready-made containers here to create a great holiday retreat, guest accommodation, or second house on your property. Only got a backyard to work with? That’s okay too. A shipping container granny flat, teenage retreat, studio or home office takes up hardly any space at all. Around 20 or 40 foot, to be precise! Take a look – you’ll be surprised at the excellent designs we have on offer, and how low the cost is!


Want to Start a Business?
Start with a Shipping Container First!

Starting a business can cost a lot – even without the rent or purchase price of a property. But you can start a small business very easily with a shipping container. Bars, cafés, beauticians, hairdressers, tobacconists and pop-up retail outlets can all be created out of a shipping container, with outstanding success – especially if you use Shipping Containers Adelaide. We have access to one of the the biggest modification facility in Australia, and we have years of experience converting shipping containers into exciting new projects. Take a look here and see the exciting projects we’ve been involved in. A portable stage? Tick! Remote bush retreat? Yep. Trendy bar? Done. Funky café? Of course! Exhibition stand? Certainly! If you’ve got a great business idea, we can help convert a container for you to bring it into an exciting business reality.


Buy a Shipping Container
For Easy Storage

If your house is too full, a shipping container is a great way to cut the clutter, but still give you access to all your belongings, without having to go to a storage centre. Garage so full you can’t fit the car in? A shipping container will help there. Boats, jetskis, motorbikes, quadbikes…a shipping container is a great option for your tools and toys, and also makes a great workshed as well. You can also store farm equipment and supplies in a shipping container, rather than building another shed. And if you’re heading away in the caravan, or jetting off overseas on an extended trip, shipping container storage is perfect for storing personal or precious items so you can rent out your house, or get house-sitters in. Much cheaper – and easier – than long-term storage. (Remember, you can also hire containers as well – another great option.)


Buy a Shipping Container for Your
Tourism Business

If you have a caravan park, holiday park, farm-style accommodation, bush retreat or even a property in a top tourist spot, our shipping container accommodation can provide extra space and income at a very low cost. You can choose from our pre-designed self-contained accommodation units, complete with kitchen and bathroom, or a simple bunk style container for backpackers who just want a place to sleep for the night. Shipping containers are a very fashionable item right now, and with a few accessories (patio area, some plants, a spectacular view) you could have a very profitable accommodation spot for not very much cost.


Shipping Containers for Fruit-Pickers Woofers & Farmhand Accommodation

It’s fruit-picking time – but accommodation is tight! No worries – ship in one of our great shipping container houses, and you have a ready-made accommodation solution, ready to go – again, at a very economical price. When the season’s finished, you can lock it up tight and not worry about it until next year. Easy! Or you may need help all year round, and enjoy having wwoofers to help out. They get their own self-contained space and a great experience, and you get the help you need on the land. Perfect – and not too expensive, either.


Buy a Shipping Container for Your
Cellar Door

South Australia’s wine region is world-famous, and there are some pretty spectacular cellar doors around (at a pretty spectacular price, we’re guessing!). That’s great for the big companies, but if you have a small vineyard, and would just like a small, rustic cellar door (that can be locked up and left when you’re busy in the vineyard) then consider a converted shipping container. Pick a top spot with a gorgeous view, and bring in the shipping container cellar door. A few wine barrels planted with flowers and a bench or two, your finest wines…beautiful!

Getting Your Container Delivered

For many people, the idea of getting a shipping container can be daunting – they’re not exactly small! No need to worry though. 

If there’s one thing shipping containers were designed for, it’s easy transportation, and our delivery drivers are very experienced in the fine art of shipping container delivery. You do have to make sure there is good access to your property, and from your end, preparation of the site is important too (flat is best, and having footings arranged if you want them).

We use a range of delivery methods to get your container to you – we’ll sort all that out when you call.

Is Buying a Shipping Container Expensive?

Not if you buy it from Shipping Containers Adelaide! For a start, we offer extremely competitive prices, so you can be sure you are getting your container at the best price. But more importantly, all our containers are subject to our container health check, and we offer a money back guarantee.

This is a priceless benefit – and much safer than buying a container from someone who won’t give your money back when it’s sitting on your property and you discover it’s not fit for purpose!

Buy an Adelaide Shipping Container from the Experts!

At Shipping Containers Adelaide, we make buying a shipping container easy. Don’t risk your money on an unknown entity! When you need to buy a shipping container, make sure you buy it from the experts. We are 100% Australian-owned, and have been buying, selling, converting and delivering shipping containers for over 10 years now.

So give us a call on (08) 6166 3598 or fill out the online quote form and let us fix everything up for you.

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