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Here at Shipping Containers Adelaide, we’re the experts in everything to do with shipping containers – and modifying containers is our specialty. We have one of the biggest modification centres in Australia, and have been modifying containers for the mining, energy,

construction and agricultural industries for many years. The beauty of a modified container – just like an ordinary shipping container – is its portability. Easily shipped in when required, just as easily shipped out again when the job is finished, modified shipping containers have many benefits over permanent and semi-permanent structures.

Our range of pre-modified containers is second to none, but we also custom-modify to suit, so if you can’t find what you need, or have a specific design in mind, we can also create a shipping container especially for you! Shipping Containers Adelaide is 100% Australian owned, and all our special projects modifications are done right here in our Australian modification centre, so you can be sure of a quality job.

From Simple Container Modifications to Complete Conversions… We Do It All

Whatever type of modification you need, we can arrange it. Just need a simple modification? Take a look at our accessories list here. Simple modifications include painting, flooring, shelving, vents, air-conditioning, windows, ramps and personnel doors. We can also arrange electrical and phone outlets, hot water systems and more. If you’ve got something a little grander in mind … like a remote bush retreat for instance, or a cafe or workshop or trade exhibition booth, well, we can arrange that too! Take a look at our special projects page here and you’ll see some pretty fantastic things that we can create out of simple shipping container.


Ready-Made Modified Containers
for Industry

Shipping containers have only been around for over 60 years or so, but their presence on worksites is so prevalent that it’s hard to imagine what it was like without them.

Created as an ingenious and streamlined way to transport goods, they’re now used in ways that their creator could hardly have dreamed of. Fifo accommodation, site offices, first aid offices, workshops, ablution blocks – an operational worksite can be established in no time.

Got a new site and need it up and running quickly? Here at Shipping Containers Adelaide, we’ve got everything you need. We also have a wide range of industry-specific modified containers, like dangerous goods containers and confined space training containers, ready to go.

Ready-Made Modified Containers
for the General Public

So you’ve been thinking of getting a granny flat, or looking into dual accommodation options on your property. Or perhaps you just need more space in your own home? You could spend time and money building or extending…. or you could simply ship in a modified shipping container!

Within just a few days you could have an impressive new space on your property at a fraction of the cost. We have some great designs in accommodation containers available and we think you’ll be impressed by the style and spaciousness. No building required – you simply take delivery of a ready-made premises. You could rent it out for more income, or get students in, or even try out Air Bnb. Or use it for your family to give kids their own space and privacy without moving out, or perhaps a retreat for Mum and Dad.

Shipping containers also make a great office, workshop, craft-room, lunch rooms, studio, …whatever kind of extra space you need, a modified shipping container from Shipping Containers Adelaide can certainly be arranged cost effective and less hassle than extensions or a new build.

Create Your Own Grand Container Design

If a ready-made design makes you yawn, and you’re looking for more excitement, well, our modification team are always up for a challenge. They love creating something new. So if you’ve got a grand idea for a grand design, or need something eye-catching and new, then give us a call. Remember, we have access to the largest shipping container modification facility in Australia, and we’ve been involved in some pretty spectacular converted shipping containers. When a radio station wanted a portable stage created, we were there. When a university wanted a container (and its cargo) to survive a trip to Antarctica, we arranged that for them. When Tough Mudder needed a portable Media Space as tough as its course, we hammered it into shape. Whatever you want – an art gallery, pop-up shop, travelling performance space, rocket-ship (ok, we’re not quite there with that one, but you can be sure that they’re going to need shipping containers when they colonise Mars!) we can help do it. We are the experts in the delicate art of taking a big steel box and creating amazing things out of it, and we can arrange it for you too. If you have a grand idea, talk to our talented conversion specialists and we’ll turn it into a spectacular reality.

All Container Modifications Fully Guaranteed

Remember, Shipping Containers Adelaide is 100% Australian owned, and all our shipping container conversions are done right here in Australia. Plus the modifications (and any shipping container we sell) come with a money back guarantee. So you’re completely covered. Shipping containers are a big purchase (yes, literally and figuratively) so you want to be sure that if something is not up to standard, you can get your money back. We’re not too worried about that though – we have many satisfied customers, including government departments, big industry, small businesses and individuals. We have no doubt that you’ll be a very satisfied customer too!

Decided That a Modified Container is Exactly Right for You? Give Shipping Containers Adelaide a Call!

We will make everything as easy as possible for you. Want a container ASAP? Choose one that’s already modified and ready to go. Need a few added touches? Take a look at our accessories list here, or just give us a call and tell us what you need. Or you can create a spectacular customised shipping container conversion that will make you and your business the talk of the town. (Or a viral sensation on Google, or a hit on Youtube. ) Whatever you want, here at Shipping Containers Adelaide we can create it for you. Ready to get started? Give us a call on (08) 6166 3598 and or fill out our online quote form and let the experts arrange everything for you.

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