If you’ve ever considered a storage container, you’ve probably heard people tell you how much you can fit in them for moving or storage. How much you can fit in a 10ft container comes down to a range of variables (some people own more items than others), but it is generally agreed that you can fin the contents of a single bedroom apartment. 10ft containers are not a standard size, and are not a suitable option if you are shipping by sea but great if you are moving within a couple of hours.

Internal Dimensions of a 10ft Container

Before going into the discussion about how much you can fit in a 10ft container, it is important to know the internal dimensions of that container. It has 9ft 4” length, 7ft 8” width, and 7ft 10” height. The available storage area is 76.6 square metres. Choosing a high cube container will give you an additional space of around one foot, so a good idea if you have tall furniture.

How Much Can You Fit?

The low amount of storage space in a 10ft container generally rules them out for commercial purposes. However, if you live in a single bedroom apartment, a 10ft container if great for transporting your belongings with you. They can also be a great idea for small businesses who just need a little extra storage space for paperwork or a small amount of furniture. The 10ft containers are ideal for transportation via truck or train because they really are a cost effective shipping method.

Uses of a 10ft Container

Like 20ft and 40ft standard containers, 10ft containers are also customisable, and can be used for different purposes. The primary benefit of 10ft containers is transporting goods. It helps in secure transportation of your belongings from one place to the other. Secondly, 10ft containers are ideal for domestic as well as very small commercial storage because of their security features, and finally, you can use it for various purposes after a bit of customization.

If you need a little extra storage or an easy way to move house, contact Shipping Containers Adelaide to see how we can assist with 10ft containers.