Shipping containers are big by anybody’s standards, but when you turn them into a bar, shop or cafe, they’re a compact small space that makes huge business sense. So if you’ve got a great small business idea that just needs a small space to blossom, consider a shipping container from Shipping Containers Adelaide. We sell shipping containers for all sorts of purposes to industry and individuals alike. Modifying containers is our specialty, and we can help you create a fantastic retail shop, bar, café, food servery, studio space, arts hub, craft space, practice room…whatever you can dream up, we can help you create it!

Container Coffee Shop

Coffee – it’s an absolute must-have, and it’s easy to sell lots of, which means there are plenty of opportunities to make big money out of a small space. If you’re a barista with a beautiful way with the black brew, but you don’t have the money (or the inclination) to start up a mega-outfit like Starbucks or Gloria Jean’s then a shipping container cafe may be just the thing for you! A small space, a shipping container and a few small additions (servery area, coffee machine, electricity) and you’re sorted. Rinse and repeat in another few places and you can create your own coffee empire. You don’t even have to be a barista to make money out of coffee. If you own a small business – perhaps in an industrial area, with a dire lack of coffee nearby – you could install a shipping container cafe in your carpark, install a barista in the shipping container, and watch as the dollars roll in. (Added bonus, your staff – and you – don’t have to drive anywhere to get a good coffee!) There are lots of ways you can add value to your business with a shipping container or two!

Container Bar

If you think it would be cool to own a bar, you’re probably right! An industrial-chic bar made out of a shipping container has to be the ultimate in cool. Wine bar, whisky bar, gin bar, beer bar, sangria bar, sake bar…whatever your specialty, it will look even more special in a converted shipping container! Take a look at this one that we helped create for the Hare and Hound. Fully insulated, it has a bar (of course) sink, servery window, fold down deck, a hoseable floor and waste outlet. Robust, transportable (if you need) and super secure, it will protect your fine wines and expensive whiskies in fine style.

Container Wine Cellar

While we’re talking fine wines, how about a shipping container cellar door? South Australia is the best wine producing region in Australia (Barossa Shiraz, Coonawarra Cabernet, Clare Valley Riesling, Adelaide Hills Sav Blanc…) and if you own a small winery, a cellar door is a great way to show off your wares. But cellar doors can be expensive – both to build and to run. If you’re a small operator, with a small vineyard, how about a small cellar door, made out of a small (relatively speaking) shipping container? Whether you’re in the Clare Valley or Coonawarra, Adelaide Hills or McLaren Vale, the Fleurieu Peninsula or Southern Flinders we can ship a shipping container to you very easily. Put it on a nice grassy knoll with a view over your vineyard, install a bench and a fridge, serve your select range to the discerning few who manage to track you down, then lock it up tight and head back to your pruning or picking or pressing or plunging or fermenting or fining (yes we know, the list goes on and on) once you’re done. Easy!

Pop-Up Shop

If coffee isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we have plenty of ideas for new ways to use a shipping container. If you’re a budding retailer of fashion, art, jewellery, shoes, books, vintage goods, antiques, $2 items or $2000 items, a pop-up retail shipping container shop could make a very nice retail outlet for you. You can start small, with a single shipping container on a small site, or think big with a whole shipping container mall. A quick look around the net will show you some examples of shipping container malls and what can be done with a few steel boxes and a little ingenuity. London, Christchurch and Buenos Aires all have shipping container malls. New York is next. Perhaps Adelaide too?

Shipping Container Arts Factory

Yes, there’s more! Adelaide’s creative and festival scene is world-renowned…perhaps it’s time for a world renowned art space or creative collective as well, made out of shipping containers (what else?). For inspiration, check out London’s Artworks Elephant, a start-up work hub of 30 small creative and micro businesses that’s been created for use while a building site is being developed. It includes a Vinyasa yoga studio, art gallery, library, barber, poetry space, and a range of bars, bistros, cafes and restaurants. Are you an aspiring poet or author? You could have poetry readings or literary performances. A painter or sculptor or potter? Shipping containers are very forgiving workspaces – they can handle just about any kind of substance you want to splash around. A musician? An insulated container might be the go here, though the acoustics in an uninsulated container would bring new meaning to the concept of ‘unplugged…!’ Whatever your creative bent is, a shipping container can help you take it to a whole new level!

Shipping Container Restaurant

South Australia is renowned for its very fine food as well, and if you’re a chef, owning your own restaurant is probably a big dream. But it can come at a big price too. So how about a very small restaurant, at a very small price? A small restaurant built out of a shipping container or two, a few signature dishes matched with some fine South Australian wines… it’s a great way to sample the market and see what swings

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Good wine, great food, excellent shopping, creative people, amazing countryside, beautiful beaches… South Australia has a lot to offer! And if you have a small business idea for coffee, wine, food, arts or retail, and just need a tiny space to start, then a shipping container may be just the thing for you!

Shipping Containers Adelaide – Cafés

If you’re considering joining the fast-growing band of entrepreneurs opening cafés all over Adelaide but are struggling to come up with the funds, why not consider a shipping container café? Recycled from Shipping Containers Adelaide’s robust, steel sea containers, they provide a relatively cheap, forward-thinking way to launch your new business.

Adelaide’s café culture has become something of a national institution, vying with Melbourne for Australia’s top spot. Coffee-crazy Adelaider folks are constantly seeking out new experiences and the best latté or Americano in the city. This is the perfect time to launch your own venture, especially with the redevelopment of the Adelaide Oval bringing a welcome feel-good factor to the capital and the $1.5 billion Adelaide Riverbank project still to come. All you need is the land, planning permission and a top notch barista, and you are away!

Affordable Start-Up Businesses

Adelaide property prices have been rising by an average of around 8% over the past 15 years, meaning that it’s become increasingly tough for prospective café owners to get a foot on the ladder. Thankfully, a converted sea container café, built by Shipping Containers Adelaide, is a more affordable possibility. Our customers appreciate the option of either permanent or portable cafés, meaning they can test the water at one location then simply up sticks if there’s insufficient footfall or too much competition. You could spend the summer months down by the ocean at bustling Glenelg then move on in winter to Norwood, an inner suburb rightly famed for its cosmopolitan, café culture.

Stylish Container Cafe Designs

You could be forgiven for imagining a shipping container café as a utilitarian, grey box with serving hatch, yet with our conversions nothing could be further from the truth! Shipping Containers Adelaide will work with you and any designers you commission, to create a stylish and enticing space that will have those hipster espresso quaffers queuing around the block. You could opt for chic minimalism or a themed look – American diner or surf shack perhaps. Our containers really lend themselves to serving fast food on the go – kebabs, curries, noodles or simple sandwiches. You could even set up shop on one of the main routes in and out of Adelaide and start serving drinks and snacks to all those hungry truckers and travellers.

Although many see beauty in the post-industrial lines of a shipping container, particularly in cool urban locations, you can choose to disguise your cafés origins by adding windows, doors or brightly coloured plastic panels, along with the usual eye-catching signage. For a more rural look we could even clad the whole container in timber for you. If you need more seating, it’s also possible to add a stairway, deck out the roof and provide tables and chairs to lounge in. Our engineers love a challenge, so just let your imagination run riot!

Naturally, Shipping Containers Adelaide can also install all the utilities you require – water, lighting and power sockets to run all your cooking equipment. lighting and that all-important sound system. We could also install heating, air-con or even solar-panels. Comfortable customers tend to stay longer and spend more.

Portable Containers Make Moving Site Quick and Easy

Container portability is often one of the main attractions for catering entrepreneurs. In Adelaide, as with all cities, neighbourhoods can blow hot or cold. What was yesterday’s hipster coffee-drinking paradise can become today’s sleepy suburban ghost-town. With a shipping container business, you can simply up sticks and head for a lively new location. You could even move to a new city. But don’t forget. you should always seek planning permission from your local authority before committing to a shipping container café.

Once you become aware, there’s a surprising number of vacant lots all over Adelaide, from Cobbler Creek to Henley Beach. A bit of simple research should reveal the owner, who may well be ecstatic to have some rental money coming in rather than leave the site idle and unprofitable for months or years.

Create a New Revenue Stream for your Sports Club

With the resurgent Adelaide Oval bringing a real sporting buzz to the city, crowds are flocking in and more and more people are participating in sports. All these people need feeding and watering, so what better than to open a shipping container café? Instead of having to head for the nearest fast food joint, they will appreciate an onsite option, serving chilled drinks, snacks and even light meals. You could install seating and parasols to provide a welcome oasis for fans during a long game of cricket or Aussie rules.

Construction and mining companies will also be attracted to the idea – providing subsidised food and drink for their hungry and thirsty workers, so they don’t have to drive miles for lunch or survive on boring sandwiches. Shipping Containers Adelaide also provide rest-rooms, offices and store-rooms that can be rapidly deployed on remote sites.

Containers Remain Safe and Secure

Thanks to their previous incarnation as marine shipping containers deter all but the most determined thieves.  With shutters and lock boxes installed they are vandal-proof and will ensure that your business is well protected when you’re away.

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