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Need a refrigerated or insulated shipping container? Then get it from the best. Here at Shipping Containers Adelaide, we know how important it is to make sure your cold-stuff stay cold. It can get pretty hot around this great state of ours, and if you need to store or ship goods that need to be kept frozen or insulated, then getting an insulated or refrigerated container from the experts is a must.

At Shipping Containers Adelaide, we can supply both refrigerated and insulated shipping containers at a moment’s notice. Got a big order that needs to be shipped pronto? Give us a call. Running out of cool-room space, but only need extra space for a short time? Cool-room broken down and repair looks like taking a few weeks? Whether you need to hire or buy a refrigerated shipping containers, we can definitely arrange something for you.

Insulated or Refrigerated? Which is Right for You?

Refrigerated containers are just like a big fridge or freezer. (Okay, a huge fridge or freezer!) They are heavily insulated containers, with a variable temperature control (generally between +25° C and -25° C) run by a motor which needs electricity to function (either via mains or a generator). So goods can stay chilled or frozen for however long it is required. Insulated containers do not have a motor or power source. They rely solely on their heavy-duty insulation features to keep goods at a steady temperature.


Hire or Buy Your Refrigerated Containers Here

Need to buy or hire a refrigerated container? It’s safe to say that when you’re shipping expensive refrigerated goods, your containers need to be reliable, and of the best quality!

A dripping container full of thawing crayfish or precious oysters doesn’t beat thinking about, and buying or hiring your refrigerated shipping container from a reputable and experienced company is a must.

At Shipping Containers Adelaide we have 3 phase refrigerated containers for sale and hire available in both 20 foot and 40 foot sizes. (Single phase refrigerated containers are also available.) They are of the highest quality, from well-known brands.

Each container is inspected and pre-tripped before delivery, and carries a guarantee. We can also arrange repairs to your refrigerated container in major metro areas.

Buy Your Insulated Shipping Container Here

If you need an insulated shipping container rather than a refrigerated one, then we have plenty of those as well. Insulated shipping containers come in a range of styles, so it’s important to know what you will be using it for. The most common used insulated shipping containers are actually NOR refrigerated containers. NOR stands for non-operational containers.

These types of insulated containers are ex-refrigerated containers that have had the motor removed. So whilst they no longer operate as refrigerated containers, they still have the heavy-duty insulation qualities. Like refrigerated or regular shipping containers, they also offer strong, sturdy protection, and easily transportable features.

Purpose-built insulated shipping containers are insulated containers that have never had a motor. They’re used for shipping goods that don’t need to be chilled or frozen, but will be affected by fluctuating temperatures, or temperatures that are too hot or too cold.

The solid marine grade Corten steel that shipping containers are made out of is great for durability, but steel is a super-conductor, which means that if it’s cold outside it will be icy inside, and if it’s hot outside, it will be roasting inside! An insulated container is required for items like like medicines, flowers, packaged foods or chemicals being stored or transported.

Insulation for a General Purpose Shipping Container

Ordinary general purpose shipping containers can be insulated too, after manufacture. So if you just want a general shipping container for storage or conversion to a shed or workshop for instance, we can arrange insulation for a standard container with 50mm Bondor.

Insulated or Refrigerated … Which Container is Right for You?

Refrigerated shipping containers keep frozen goods frozen and chilled goods chilled, but sometimes a refrigerated container is not actually required. In many cases, insulated shipping containers are used for frozen or refrigerated goods when they are only travelling a short way. If the goods are frozen or chilled  when they’re packed, they can remain frozen or chilled for quite a long time in an insulated container – a couple of days is not unusual. Naturally if your goods are being transported a long distance, or the container is at risk of being delayed or held up in processing, a refrigerated container is essential.

If you’re shipping or storing goods that need a steady, cool temperature, you definitely need an insulated container. Don’t make the mistake of shipping them in an uninsulated container. As mentioned above, the fluctuating or extreme temperatures that can occur in an uninsulated container could damage or destroy your whole shipment.


Refrigerated & Insulated Shipping Container Sizes and Capacity

At Shipping Containers Adelaide, you can buy or hire refrigerated shipping containers in either 20 foot or 40 foot sizes.

Refrigerated containers have the same outside dimensions as a general purpose container, but be aware that the motor housing and insulation features cause the inside space and capacity to be smaller than a general purpose container.

In insulated containers, we have Non-Operational Refrigerated (NOR) Containers and purpose-built insulated shipping containers for sale in 20ft and 40ft sizes.


Accessories for Your Insulated or Refrigerated Container

Need some extras for your refrigerated container? Check out our accessories list here. You can add lockboxes, butcher doors, heavy duty shelving, ramps, lighting, rails and more. And if you’re converting an insulated container into a workshop or shed or home, we can help there too. We have one of the largest modification facilities in Australia, and our conversion specialists can create just about anything that you want. Our special projects page here shows you the incredible things that a shipping container can become.


Use a Refrigerated Container as an Extra Coolroom

If you have a business that gets busy during one season, and then virtually shuts down for a few months, then hiring a refrigerated container as a spare or overflow coolroom makes a lot of sense. Easily shipped in, removed when you no longer need it – it’s a great alternative to a permanent and expensive coolroom, especially if you only need it for part of the year. Certainly if you have an operation that sets up in one place and moves to another, a refrigerated shipping container is ideal. Hire or buy – it’s up to you.


Use an Insulated Container for Extra Storage

A general purpose shipping container is great for storing many goods, but if you have items that need a steady temperature, or need to breathe, or not get too hot or too cold, an insulated storage container will keep them in much better stead. Going away and packing up your whole house? Keep your belongings safe in an insulated container. Storing leather goods (or goods with leather in them, like a car, for instance), fabric, books or documents? An insulated, ventilated container is ideal. Love your wine? (Of course you do, this is South Australia after all, home to the best!) A shipping container could make fantastic personal wine cellar – just make sure it’s an insulated one. Wine needs a cool, steady, dark environment to be at its very best.


Use an Insulated Container to Create Extra Living Space

Shipping containers are great to live in, but we can’t stress this enough: if you’re using a shipping container as extra living space (granny flat,

parents’ retreat, Air bnb accommodation), or working space (shed, workshop, office), make sure it’s an insulated one. Chilly day? It will be an uncomfortably cold day inside your uninsulated shipping container.

Warm day? It will be an uncomfortably hot day inside your uninsulated shipping container. Take it from the experts (and the non-experts who have been there before you and tried) if you’re using a shipping container for any kind of habitation, it’s much easier to start with an insulated one!

Shipping Containers Adelaide – Refrigerated

If you need to transport perishable your bulk goods safely from A to B, Shipping Containers Adelaide’s Corten steel, refrigerated units are by far the best solution. They are also perfect if you need to store meat, dairy, fruit, vegetables or drinks in a temperature controlled environment. All our refrigerated shipping containers are available to rent or purchase and can be delivered rapidly to you at any location.

With Adelaide’s climate being sub-tropical, consignments of foodstuffs could potentially spoil, leading to catastrophic losses and disgruntled customers. Thanks to our insulated and refrigerated shipping containers which come in various lengths, the problem disappears, allowing you to transport vulnerable loads across the country or store them for extended periods without risk.

Ideal for Moving Perishable Loads Over Long Distances

Modern trading networks extend not just across Australia but across continents, with millions of tons of goods being imported and exported through Port Adelaide each year – everything from iron and steel to fertilisers and flowers; much of it moved using trusty containers built by Shipping Containers Adelaide right here in Australia.

Choose the Right Container to Suit Your Consignment

Also known as ‘reefers’ in the trade, we advise you opt for our refrigerated shipping containers if your load needs to be kept within a specific temperature range; to preserve pharmaceuticals and frozen foodstuffs, for example, or slow the ripening of fruit during a long journey. Our reefers are well insulated and boast reliable, motorised refrigeration units, designed to distribute chilled air uniformly throughout the container’s interior and prevent hot spots from occurring.

If precise temperature control isn’t a major consideration, you could save money by renting or buying a non-operational refrigerated container (NOR), which has the refrigeration motor either removed or decommissioned. It would be a great option if you have a shipment of shiraz to move from the Barossa Valley to Port Adelaide or need to store cases of Riesling at your Clare Valley winery. NORs are also useful for shipping flowers, textiles, grains, cereals and other farm produce. High-performance insulation helps to maintain an ambient temperature and also combats condensation, the bane of all steel shipping containers.

In addition to being constructed from high-grade Corten steel, all our shipping containers comply with rigorous International Standards Organisation guidelines. They are also designed to be ‘intermodal’ meaning they can be transferred from train to truck to boat without unloading cargoes. This really streamlines the whole transfer process and keeps your costs to a minimum.

Multiple Uses of Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers Adelaide mainly supply reefers for haulage or storage purposes but they can also come in extremely handy in all sorts of other situations. With Adelaide’s average summer temperature hovering close to 30˚ centigrade, outdoor events can be something of a challenge for caterers trying to keep food and drinks cool. At a big sporting occasion or outdoor rock concert, no one wants to drink warm beer or wine but with a refrigerated shipping container everything can be kept perfectly chilled until required. We promise fast delivery by truck to your site and will handle the installation for you. You could hire a reefer for a short period or buy one and make it a permanent feature.

Refrigerated shipping containers are also regularly requested at remote sites in South Australia, like sheep and cattle stations or mining operations. Workers’ meals, for example, can be stored at the correct temperature and the chilled interiors also work well as retreats when the temperature soars to unbearably high levels.

Full Container Modification Service Available

Here at Shipping Containers Adelaide, we are seasoned experts in the modification of refrigerated shipping containers into an ever-expanding range of uses. If you are catering for a large number of diners at a large event, for example, but struggling to keep food cool, we can adapt a reefer by installing useful stainless steel shelving, preparation tables, serving hatches and butcher’s double doors. But that’s just the start of our amazing modification service, as we can also build homes, offices, shops and cafés, to mention just a few.

Your Choice of Container Size

Our refrigerated shipping containers are available in spacious 20 or 40-foot lengths. Both come with in standard three-phase/415-volt versions but single-phase power can be specified on ordering. Temperature can be accurately controlled within a range of -25˚centigrade to +25˚centigrade. Please be aware that the decommissioned motor housing will intrude slightly into the load space.

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