Rapidly increasing construction costs have made container homes popular among Australians. Shipping containers homes are ideal because of their suitability for customisation and cost-effectiveness. You can use these homes for building tiny homes, granny flats, kids’ playrooms, backyard sheds, and temporary residences. Container homes are also ideal for mine workers and road workers.

Ideal Container Size for Building Homes

Containers are available in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft sizes. Building experts fabricate each container to make it suitable for the home plan. However, it is mandatory to follow the building codes in South Australia when you go to build a container home.

The size of containers ideal for building a container home depends on your belongings. Most architecturally designed container homes consist of three to four 40ft containers. However, if you want to arrange a temporary residence at your worksite, you can build a tiny home with either a 10ft, a 20ft, or a 40ft container.

You can arrange shipping containers in a variety of configurations. For example, you can stack containers one over the other to build a multi-story shipping container house. Hiring expert architects can provide you with unique designs for shipping container homes. You can customise your living area by adding more containers later.

Things to Look for in a Container to Build A Container Home

Container Homes for South Australia

If you have planned to build a shipping container house, try following the following principles before selection of the containers:

Be Simple But Not Irresponsible

The expert container home builders are of the view that you should always show a sense of responsibility while building a container house. From selecting, buying, and transporting a shipping container to insulating, plumbing, and shifting, you have to supervise certain elements. Any negligence in this regard can cost you greater at later stages. Still, avoid taking stress. Instead, hire architects, construction supervisors, and interior designers to build a cost-effective container house.

Verify and Check the Containers Before Buying

Many people rely on online inspection of containers. Remember that you can’t always rely on seeing container photos, reading online reviews, and online inspection of elements. Always plan a site visit to see and inspect the container personally. Like other things in the market, there are various levels of condition and quality to check in a container. Therefore, never commit to buying a shipping container until you visit the site and check inside out properly.

Is it Used or One Trip Container

You will find many container dealers in South Australia who buy and sell both old and new containers. If you want to build a tiny home, always spend a little more on one-trip containers. These are the containers used for shipping or transportation just once. They are usually in great condition but less costly than brand new ones.

Check Various Available Options

Do you know that there are a few options of shipping containers available? These have different sizes, widths, heights, lengths, and materials. Buying different size containers provides you with container homes of various sizes. For example, a 40X8 size container builds 320 square feet of living area. Remember that the standard container height is 8.5 feet. However, you can buy containers with slightly more heights.

Follow the Local Regulations

Different states in Australia have different building codes. It is binding upon you to follow the local regulations to build a container home. Contact your local council to know about the building codes enforced in the area. Ensure you follow any required limitations and standard.

Work With Professionals

If you want to get better results, always hire container home building professionals. Seek their guidance from start till the end. Hiring an expert for a shipping container house right from the beginning will  prove beneficial during the approval from local authorities.

Preparing the Container

Once you have planned to build a container home, start preparing the container for it. Go with minimum welding to maximise its lifespan. Insulation, HVAC installation, and plumbing are always time and money taking tasks to prepare a shipping container home, so ensure you get quotes for those areas so that you know your cost.

With property prices skyrocketing, container homes are becoming more popular. Take a look at the shipping containers at Shipping Containers Adelaide to find the start of your new container home.