Shipping containers are a great way to store extra items, and when you only need short term storage, container rentals are perfect. There is no big outlay, you don’t need to find somewhere to store them when finished your job, and you can choose what you need and when you need it.

At Shipping Containers Adelaide, we supply container rentals for all sorts of purposes – businesses looking for short and long term storage, storage at residential properties or when moving between properties, long term storage when traveling or for that extra space when building or renovating. We can also supply a range of modified containers and site offices for building and construction sites.

Benefits in Container Rentals

There are plenty of benefits and reasons to renting a shipping container over purchasing one, including:

  • Short term or temporary storage use. If you need access to a container for more than approximately 12 months, it may be worth weighing up whether it is worth hiring or buying a container for your needs.
  • Provides the opportunity to see if the container size and style is right before purchasing one
  • One-off use for trade events or festivals
  • Providing extra storage or work space during busy periods
  • For transporting goods on the odd occasion. When you only need to transport large goods two to three times a year, or even just when moving home, hiring is a great option

There are a whole range of containers available to rent at Shipping Containers Adelaide including standard and modified containers. Our standard containers come in a range of sizes to suit various needs while our modified containers suit specific needs such as site offices, refrigerated short term storage (for events for example), containers with shelving for extra storage, air conditioned containers for additional work spaces and much more.

If you’re considering shipping container rentals, speak to the professional and friendly team here at Shipping Containers Adelaide. We’ll get your needs met with the right container.