Transporting a storage container can post a challenge depending on the size and weight of the container and where you want it transported to. The modes of transportation and the machinery required can be different for different locations. Therefore, choosing the suitable method depends on your budget, expertise, and specific needs. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can transport a shipping container.

Local Transportation

If you intend to transport storage containers locally or over a short distance, road transportation is the best option available. It helps you receive your container at a particular location at an affordable price. There is no need for a certificate or approvals for road transportation. However, vehicles used for movement may be different depending on the size of your container and the weight inside it. The most commonly used vehicles are tilt trays, flatbed, side loaders, and crane trucks.

Interstate Transportation

Road transportation becomes costlier for interstate shifting of containers. Therefore, rail transport proves a viable option for container movement over long distances. Rail transportation may also incur some additional charges because you have to use road transportation on either end to access the rail facility. Moreover, the Container Safe Convention certification is also needed to ensure the safety of your vessel during travel. You can use sea transportation for container movement in some states. However, it is not at all cost-effective as road or rail transport.

Overseas Transportation

Overseas transportation of the containers is possible only by sea. However, you may need road or rail transportation or both to get your container to and from the sea. When it comes to transporting containers internationally, using a freight forwarding company can work out your best option. They specialise in providing logistic strategy and ensure the safe movement of your container from its origin to the destination.

You may need a Container Safe Convention (CSC) certificate from a certified marine goods inspector to ensure that your container is structurally safe for transportation.

Multimodal Transportation

Sometimes, you may need multimodal transportation to shift your container to the desired location. It involves all modes of transportation. However, one carrier takes responsibility for the other parts of moving. Shipping container companies offer these facilities globally.

These are the main ways your container can be transported locally or around the world.

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