Doing the long distance move and wondering about the best way to ship your small amount of homewares and belongings easily? A 10-foot container may not be the best option if you are shipping your belongings overseas however if you only have a small amount of belongings, they are great to move interstate and intrastate.

A 10-foot container is small enough to fit into most driveways and single parking spaces, which means you won’t need to worry about packing it in a hurry – you can take your time making sure everything is packed correctly.

How Big is the Inside of a 10 Foot Container?

On the inside, the dimensions of a 10-foot shipping container are 2.8m long, 2.4m wide and 2.16m high. If you do have taller items of furniture, Shipping Containers Adelaide have high cube containers, which give you that extra height.

What Can I Fit in a 10-foot Container?

Those dimensions might seem small, but packed well, you should be able to fit in the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, or approximately 2 – 3 smaller rooms in a house. It’s for this reason that high quality 10ft shipping containers are popular with single people and students – there’s no wasted space and you should fit everything you need.

What’s the Best Way to Pack a Container?

As with any packing to move, it all comes down to the planning. Getting rid of anything you don’t want to take with you is a great way to minimise how much you will need to pack. Perhaps there are uni textbooks you no longer need, or that second couch that someone else could use.

Once you’ve done this, gather together some boxes (your local café or hardware store is a good place to start), newspaper, packing tape and any other packing materials you may wish to use. Pack your boxes in a way that makes sense to you – by room, by function or by how quickly you will need to use the items.

Airing out the container before you start to pack it is a great idea. Use moving blankets to line the container and pack blankets, cardboard or bubble wrap around your furniture to stop any potential damage. The pack your boxes in around the furniture.

Moving can be both exciting and stressful. Choosing the right shipping container is important. If your on the move, speak to Shipping Containers Adelaide for a wide range of shipping containers for requesting a quote.