When buying shipping containers you may be tossing up between buying new containers or used containers. There are benefits to both options, and here we’ll explore why you might find buying new ones more beneficial for your needs.

When looking to purchase, you’ll need to find out if your “new” shipping container is actually new, or  if you are purchasing one that has done one or two trips. Often newer containers have been put to use less than a handful of times, are in great condition and have a long life ahead of them.

For some people, they don’t mind about blemishes, dents and a bit of surface rust, but for those that do, purchasing a newer container is the best way to go. These containers have very little wear and tear, simply because they haven’t been used of multiple trips or exposed to the ocean and other elements. They also have a longer lifespan and less chance of chemical contamination.

A new container, due to it’s longer lifespan is perfect for projects including shipping container homes, offices, cafes and the like. They tend to be easier to customise and modify (as there has been no prior modifications), and if using them for storage, they are much cleaner ensuring for a better storage option.

Another benefit of purchasing new containers is that you can brand them yourself without having to worry about painting over other signage and branding. Branding can be much less costly when you don’t have to repaint the container first.

Having a known history of the shipping container you are purchasing is essential, particularly if you are going to be using the container for building. If you purchase a used container that had been used to transport dangerous goods, and then use that container to open a cafe, you may unknowingly be impacted by the items that were originally stored in the container.

If it’s time to purchase new containers in Adelaide, contact your local Shipping Containers Adelaide for the best quality new shipping containers that best suit your needs.