20ft containers are one of the best choices when it comes to moving a large number of items, but often people wonder just how much they can fit into a container, particularly if they are looking to move homes or offices. When deciding between a 20ft and a 40ft container, it is important to know the dimensions to work out just how much you can fit inside.They are a relatively good size, but of course, not everyone has the same number of belongings which means what you can fit, and what someone else can fit may be very different.

The size and dimensions of a 20ft container

The total capacity of a 20ft container is 33 cubic metres. It has an exterior length of 6.06m (20ft), an exterior width of 2.44m and an exterior height  of 2.60m.. The interior length of the 20ft container is 5.9m, the interior width is  2.35m and it has an interior height of 2.39m. They have a floor space of 4.64sqm. The great thing about a 20ft shipping container is how much it can hold – the max gross weight is 3048kg, which means you can fit a fair amount of belongings in there!

Now that we’ve covered the measurements – what do they all mean? Essentially a 20ft container can fit the contents of a standard 2 – 3 bedroom property. The includes the furniture, beds, fridges, and many other items. Flat packing your furniture as much as possible will help with what you can fit in. The 20ft container is also capable of transporting one or two cars at a , depending on size, without any other large items.

The 20ft container is usually one of the best options when it comes to storage. It works perfectly as mobile storage and as fixed storage. It can also be converted into different structures such as restaurants, bars, cafes, houses and so on. It is also a great option for when you need to ship items overseas – you won’t have to leave anything behind!

If you need a 20ft container for your next move or to help with some storage, contact the team at Shipping Containers Adelaide to see how we can help.