These days, the simplest way to buy anything is online, and though it may seem like shipping containers are too huge to buy with one click, this isn’t the case! You can find used containers on plenty of online marketplaces, including Gumtree and eBay, but it’s not always a great idea to buy from individual sellers. When it comes to the different uses of shipping containers, many rely on strong structural integrity, so taking any risks on products of unknown quality could mean a lot of wasted money! 

The Best in Quality and Selection

By far, the safest and wisest way to buy shipping containers online is to look up a reputable company. Here at Shipping Containers Adelaide, we’re trusted by big brands like Qantas, Myer, Aldi and Boral, along with hundreds and thousands of commercial and private customers all across Australia. We health check our containers to the highest possible standard, and offer money back guarantees for your peace of mind. With quality assured, you’re free to shop through our extensive range of sizes, styles, and options for modification! 

The Quickest, Smoothest Delivery 

Not only do we have competitive prices to make you rethink those cheap, unregulated containers on Gumtree, we also specialise in fast, hassle-free delivery. If you live in Adelaide or surrounding suburbs, we can get your purchase to you within 24 hours or less! And if you’re a bit more remote, it won’t take much longer. Our delivery team drops off containers to all sorts of properties every day, so we’re well equipped to navigate any obstacles on your land. Wherever you’d like your container, we have tilt trays, side loaders or Hiab cranes to make sure it’s perfectly positioned. 

So, if you’re shopping for a container and don’t want to take unnecessary risks with your money, fill in an instant quote form below and find out your best deal with Shipping Containers Adelaide!