If you’re considering a shipping container for a project, but don’t think it requires the 40 ft kind you may have seen on cargo ships, you’ll be pleased to know there are definitely half-size options available. At half the volume, 20 ft containers are the next step down. But, if you want something just as durable and well-insulated that can easily fit into a single driveway, then a 10 ft container is what you need. 

Uses for 10 ft Shipping Containers

Transport and storage are the leading reasons to invest in a shipping container, and – so long as you’re buying from a trustworthy seller – 10 ft containers are no less suited for these jobs than larger options. At Shipping Containers Adelaide, we do strictly regulated quality checks on all of our containers, which means that our 10 ft range is sturdy and secure enough to keep your goods safe and sound, no matter how rough the journey. 

But there are many other potential uses for this size, including portable worksite rooms and pop-up business fronts, for which we have plenty of accessories and pre-modified containers to suit your needs. Doors, windows, electrical fittings, paint jobs and plumbing are just some of the ways we can turn a standard 10 ft container into a functional space-saver.

Buy, Hire, or Use a One-Off Removalist Service

It’s reasonable to hope that a half-size container will be half the cost, and here at Shipping Containers Adelaide we’re not about to let you down! With very competitive prices and a money back guarantee, we offer both high quality and affordability. And if you’d rather hire, prices start at just $3.25 a day!

We also offer a one-off removalist service, where we deliver a container for you to pack, then take it to your new home for you. So whatever it is you need a container for, feel free to give us a call today and find out how we can help you!