Shipping containers are a blank canvas, you can convert them into anything that your heart desires to build.

But the problem is, buying new shipping containers can be expensive. But, there is an alternative – buying second hand shipping containers! After all, they get the job done just as efficiently.

So, the real question to ask yourself is, what should you look for when buying a second hand shipping container?

Keep an eye out for damage!

Inspecting the whole shipping container before you buy it should be your first priority.

Check for holes, this can lead to leakage problems.

Check if the lock and seal on the door work because security is always most important!

After the doors to the container open up, it’s time to start sniffing for mould and mildew as well as looking for rust. Mould is of course are a health hazard and depending on what you want to use your second hand shipping container for, choosing a clean container is key.

As for rust, it may or may not be worth purchasing depending on what your long term plans are.

Online scamming is real

Are the photos online really like the actual container? This is a very important factor when it comes to purchasing a shipping container.

A first-hand inspection is the only way you can be a hundred percent positive that what you’re seeing online is what you’ll be getting. But in case you can’t be there to inspect first-hand, the next best thing to use an established container company who buys and sells to industry and private customers. Do your research, look at reviews and ask questions.

Check Guarantees before buying

What happens when there’s a problem with the delivery process? What happens if the second hand container you purchased shows up damaged?

Will you get a refund in that case? Guarantees are the best way to ensure the protection of your money. Reliable suppliers tend to have a warranty or guarantee on their product should there be an issue when your container turns up. Make sure you check it out so that you know your rights.

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