Is there anything more versatile than shipping containers? The answer is a resounding no.

So, how many varieties of shipping containers are out there? And, how many innovative ways can you use them in?

 General-Purpose Shipping Containers

This simple shipping container can be modified to become much more than their simple nature portrays.

Found in 10-foot, 20-foot and 40-foot sizes these containers can easily become elaborately designed cafes and roadshow exhibits with some customisation and tweaking.

Some modifications people usually go for are:

  • Addition of extra doors
  • Windows installation
  • Installation of air-vents
  • Painting for an overall new look

Thinking of opening an ice cream shop or a seafood shop but don’t have the budget? There is one easy solution:

Refrigerated Shipping Containers

New entrepreneurs often have limited budgets. Shipping containers can become a lifeline.

Refrigerated shipping containers are mostly set to the temperature range of +25°C to -25°C. A nice, freezing temperature range to make sure your temperature-sensitive products don’t perish.

Maintaining these freezing temperatures requires electric motors. So, how will you get the required electricity to run these motors? That’s really not a problem, you can just get mains and generators to power them up and you’re open for business!

Container Shelters

Harsh weather can be disastrous for equipment that spoils easily; this includes farm equipment, trucks and heavy-weight equipment that is not in regular use.

There is no better way to store these large-sized goods than in temporary or permanent shipping container shelters that provide:

  • Protection from 152 km/h winds
  • Protection from 316 km/h high winds
  • Low radiant heating for summers
  • Total sun block out to prevent corrosion

Insulated Shipping Containers

With real estate prices skyrocketing there is no better option than owning a shipping container home. Usually made with thermal-liners to withstand harsh weather, these containers can help you build your perfect dream house.

Shipping container homes are all the rage nowadays with people going as far as to build a full-size customised estate out of 14 shipping containers complete with kitchens, bathrooms, high-end fixtures and even a personal saunas!

Still not sure what shipping container is best for your needs? Contact us today and we’ll get the right container in your hands.