Packing and storing your personal belongings when moving can seem like a huge task, but in reality, it is only half the process. There is of course the moving itself, but before all that comes the task of deciding what items you will be moving and what items you will be taking to the rubbish.

A shipping container is a great choice when moving home as it allows you to slowly pack over time, as well move a good portion of your belongings in one go. But when it comes to packing that container, how you do it is important.

Here’s our top tips on how to pack your shipping container like a pro to give you the best move possible.

Have a Plan

Like anything, having a plan always makes things run smoother. When it comes to moving, planning what will go in your shipping container and what will go in your car or luggage is essential. If you container delivery is running late for whatever reason, you’ll have the important stuff on hand to get  you through a few days in your new home, and know exactly what is on the back of the truck and what is in your car.

Get Your Packing Supplies Ready

If you’ve ever moved before you’ll know what it’s like to run out of the essentials – tape, boxes, bubble wrap, paper and the like – just when you need them. Usually it’s late at night or when the shops are closed and it puts your packing plans on hold. Make sure you have enough supplies on hand to get you through. This includes a permanent marker or two so you can mark your boxes with their contents or the room they go into.

Distribute Weight Evenly

One mistake many people make is to pack all their heavy items at one end of the container and all their light items at the other. It’s important to ensure that the weight inside your container is evenly distributed, while still ensuring you can access the essentials.

Wrap and Pack

Wrapping and packing your items correctly will mean less change of your items arriving undamaged. You may have all your boxes and tape ready, but utilising items like blankets, towels, pillows, cushions and quilts are a great way to not only pack these items, but to provide extra protection to those more breakable household items.

Consider the Unconsidered

One area of the home that many don’t consider before packing their shipping container is the garage and the garden shed. If you are looking to put garden tools such as a lawn mower, chainsaw or edge trimmer in your container, you will need to ensure the oil and fuel is drained, and we suggest giving them a good clean to remove soil and plant matter. Same goes with any plants you are shipping. If moving interstate, its a good idea to check quarantine restrictions on plants, and consider whether it’s worth selling or giving away your plants and buying new ones when you arrive. Generally things like gas bottles aren’t suitable to transport in a container, so planning to buy new at your destination is a good idea.

Lock it Up

While there are many things to consider when packing a shipping container, people generally forget about purchasing a quality padlock to lock the container for transport. A shutter padlock is a good option as they are much more difficult to cut with bolt cutters.

Moving and considering using a shipping container? Give our friendly team a call to see how we can help.