The unprecedented development boom in industry and equipment has enhanced the need for flat rack containers worldwide. Still, many ask what are flat rack containers and what are they used for?

A flat rack container is a container that has walls only at the short ends. Usually, these containers are available in 20 ft and 40 ft sizes and transport odd sized and shaped goods from one place to another. The most common uses of flat rack containers are:

Loading and Unloading Convenience

A flat rack container is ideal for heavy loads and cargo that needs loading from top or sides. It provides a convenient loading facility for timber, pipes, and machinery. Usually, these containers are used for loading those goods that are impossible to load on containers with fixed sidewalls. Flat racks allow for pipes or machines to be transported one over the other and supported through walls at short ends.

Greater Loading Capacity

Flat rack containers are suitable for transportation of heavy machinery because of their greater loading capacity. These accommodate more goods than ordinary vessels bearing load 2 or 3 times greater. It means that flat rack containers reduce transportation costs. Industries around the world recognise and favour these containers. For example, the transport industry uses these for worldwide transportation of buses and trucks. They have numerous lashing rings on sides that provide support and security for the loaded bulky goods.

Ideal for Transportation of Oxygen-Dependent Goods

Transportation of oxygen-dependent goods is the need of the day and, therefore, the use of a flat rack container has increased. Flat rack containers can be used for the transportation of livestock, plants, flowers, and any flammable material. It ensures the circulation of fresh air through the loaded goods.

There are two types of flat rack containers- the fixed walls containers and the collapsible wall containers. Being standard inter-modal, these containers can convert into trailers and containers for road and rail transportation. The loading capacity of a 20 ft flat rack container is 2000 Kg, and 40 ft container is 4000 Kg.

If you’re looking for a flat rack container to help transport your over-sized or non-standard goods, contact us today to see how we can help.