Have you ever considered building shipping container homes in Adelaide? It’s a niche trend that is becoming more popular with people looking to build environmentally friendly homes (using old and recycled shipping containers) and to use smaller parcels of land. Because of their size, they are well suited to build small houses, and they can really be put together to build any size room you like.

But there are a few things you need to keep in mind when looking to build shipping container homes in Adelaide to ensure success.

See the Containers First

Don’t just take the word of the person you are buying the container from that it is in good condition. Even if it means travelling for a few hours, it is always best to view the container or containers before purchasing to make sure they are in shape.

Buy a One Trip Container

Where many people get caught out is purchasing containers that have made many trips or been used multiple times, leaving them with containers that aren’t always in great condition. A one-trip container is like new, and perhaps a better option when looking to build your home. hipping

Know your Council Legislation

Each council is going to have different legislation surrounding home builds, particularly those built in a non-traditional way. Make sure you are across the rules so you don’t get caught out and have to make significant changes you didn’t budget for.

Find an “All In One” Contractor

There’s plenty of people out there who can build houses, but what you want is someone who is experienced in utilising shipping containers to build homes. You want someone who can minimise the amount of welding, who understands the structure of a container, who knows how to insulate one and so on.

Know the Weather Conditions

Shipping containers aren’t built to be aerodynamic – if you build in an area with high wind, you should be prepared for noise. Your best bet is to either build a windbreak or to find a location that is naturally protected from the wind.

Shipping container homes in Adelaide give you the option to live on smaller parcels of land while still reusing old materials in your home build. If you’re considering building shipping container homes in Adelaide Shipping Containers Adelaide can help you find the best container to meet your needs.