When most people think of shipping containers, they think of the standard cube containers they see on ships, and used as storage. However flat rack containers are also a popular option for those transporting or shipping cargo that needs to be loaded from the side or top, or is a different dimension to the standard.

So what are they used for?

Because flat rack containers have open sides, and an open top, the tend to be used to transport items like:

  • machinery
  • timber
  • large vehicles
  • boats
  • pipes
  • construction materials

Much like standard shipping containers, flat rack containers come in a 20ft or 40ft size, but they have quite a high load capacity – up to 4,000 kg for the 40ft container. They tend to come with a number of latching belts and other support providing options to keep your cargo secure and safe.

To Hire or Buy?

Like almost all shipping containers, you can hire or buy a flat rack container at Shipping Containers Adelaide. Whether you decide to hire or buy will depend on what you need to use the container for and the length of time you require. If you are only shipping cargo for a short period of time, hiring may be a better option for you, however if you are looking at constantly shipping cargo around, purchasing may work out to be more cost effective.

Flat rack containers are a great help to those shipping cargo around their area or around the country. Because of their open sides and top, it makes it easy to transport odd and oversized items, whatever their size. These containers can be stored on top of each other – like a rack – so if you need more than one, you can easily store them when not in use.

Shipping or transporting bulky goods? Flat rack containers from Shipping Containers Adelaide is just what you need.