Shipping Containers Adelaide are one of Australia’s premium container conversion companies, dedicated to making the dream of home ownership come true for Adelaiders, who may be struggling to afford a conventional home due to sky high property prices. All you need is a suitable plot of land and you could be just a step away from moving into a wonderful new home overlooking the ocean!

Shipping container homes built from single or multiple units are both attractive and practical spaces, thanks to the efforts of architects and interior designers across the world, who have enthusiastically embraced this exciting concept and shared their creative ideas with the wider community. With an estimated 17 million shipping containers in existence, there is more than enough supply to satisfy the demand from prospective homeowners and keep costs low.

Single Units or Multi-Storey Container Mansions!

The simple, modular design of steel shipping containers means they can be easily arranged in a variety of interesting configurations. They are also designed to be stacked on the decks of ships which means they lend themselves to use as multi-storey houses or even apartment blocks. And if you later decide that you need additional space, perhaps as your family grows or you acquire more land, Shipping Containers Adelaide can simply add more units for you to provide extra bedrooms or living rooms.

We Can Help You Build a Truly Unique Home

With a shipping container home, you’re really becoming part of Adelaide’s property avant-garde. It’s your chance to stand out from the crowd and stamp your individual style on your new house. If you have the budget, there’s little to stop you from building a glass-sided, multi-level mansion overlooking the beautiful Torrens River. We’ve even heard of a huge estate in the US built from 14 shipping containers! The steel sides can be painted or clad in a variety of different finishes to soften or disguise the industrial DNA if you so desire, although many customers prefer to make a feature of this. Insulation helps to maintain an even temperature, regardless of the weather.

The wow factor need not end with the exterior, because Shipping Containers Adelaide can install high-end fixtures and fittings in kitchens and bathrooms and arrange for truly impressive decoration and floor covering. You can expect all the conveniences you’d find in any contemporary home – air conditioning, central heating, lighting or perhaps even a sauna! You’ll soon forget you’re living in a repurposed, steel shipping container that spent much of its life at sea.

Choose One of Adelaide’s Stunning Suburbs

Adelaide has some wonderfully scenic neighbourhoods, including prime locations with spectacular ocean views, including Henley Beach, Grange and Glenelg. There’s also a wide choice of attractive inland suburbs, depending on your taste and requirements. You might find a building plot in a chi-chi suburb like Burnside or opt for family-friendly Marion with excellent access to parks and schools. Or you might prefer to head to the hills and choose leafy Stirling. Once you start looking, you’ll be surprised at how many potential sites you find across the city. If you’re lucky you could even find yourself living in the lively Adelaide CBD!

Downsizing to a Container Home Retirement

Once the kids have moved out, leaving you rattling around in a largely empty home, you might decide to downsize but instead of moving to a small apartment or bungalow, why not consider a shipping container home built to your exact specifications? You could realise the equity in your original property and enjoy a really comfortable retirement. Adelaide has plenty of attractive suburbs to choose from like Unley and Hyde Park, close to all amenities and with plenty of relaxing coffee shops.

DIY Container Homes

With some solid DIY background and the right advice, there’s no reason why you can’t purchase 10, 20 or 40-foot containers from Shipping Containers Adelaide and take on the conversion job yourself. You could do most of the basic work and get specialised tradesmen in where necessary – an experienced welder will definitely need to be on hand at various stages. It may be a steep learning curve for the novice but also a rewarding experience. You will be able to source various instruction manuals and there are plenty of online videos to help you along the way. You can also buy joining kits and other accessories directly from us.

Pre-designed Shipping Container Homes

A further option is our range of pre-built shipping container homes which are a great option for the first time buyer with limited budget and no DIY skills. Please see floor-plans below.

Need Storage in a Hurry? Then Look No Further!

Insulated shipping containers can also be a crucial part of a business’s contingency plans. For example, if you were to find yourself with a sudden glut of farm produce – fruit or vegetables perhaps – but have nowhere to store them, we can usually get a container to you within 24 hours, often quicker. Or perhaps you have a great opportunity to purchase some stock at a really low price but have run out of warehouse space – simply call Shipping Containers Sydney and we can deliver as many insulated storage units as you need.

Containers can even be adapted to provide short-term accommodation for seasonal farm workers or crews working in Adelaide’s ever-expanding construction industry. We can also install air conditioning units or heating to make them more comfortable.


Modifying a Shipping Container is Easy

There are many additions or modifications you can make to your container, and our accessories list gives you a good idea of the most requested modification items. Whirlybirds, air vents, windows, shelving, power-points and data points, work benches, bathrooms, fluorescent lights, paintwork and more are all available. Your modifications can be as small (lockbox, shelves, flooring etc) or as extensive (entire residential fit out, including bathroom, kitchen, and laundry) as you want. If you have a grander idea in mind – an envy-inducing, customer-attracting trade show exhibit, for instance, or a movable feast of food festival booths, then we can also help. Shipping Containers Adelaide have one of the largest container modification facilities in Australia and a talented team of modification experts, so your shipping container can be customised to your specific needs with ease.

The Pacific Accommodation Container

accommodation container - the pacific pre-designed container home adelaide

The Kakadu Accommodation Container

The Kakadu Accommodation Container Adelaide

The Long Beach Accommodation Container

Accommodation Container - The Long Beach Pre-Designed Container Home Adelaide

The Station Accommodation Container

Accommodation Container - The Station Pre-Designed Container Home Adelaide

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