40ft containers are the largest of the shipping containers and used across the shipping industry. They  are ideal for transporting a large number of goods or heavy goods. You can store various kinds of products in these for shipping purposes, however, a little modification can make a 40ft container more useful for everyone.

There are a few typical reasons a 40ft container is used:

National and International Shipping

Most of the 40ft containers have high sea designs and are used for national and international shipping. These have 54-58 cubic meters of storage space that makes them ideal for the shipping industry.  They are great for shipping lots of items, or heavy items.

Secure Storage

A 40ft container provides a large amount of storage space making them perfect for a range of industries. Building contractors use these containers for the security of tools and building materials, while commercial offices can use them for plenty of additional storage space for paperwork and additional furniture. Homeowners can also utilise these containers for their home contents when renovating.

Multiple Post Conversion Uses

We’ve all seen the rise of tiny homes, and the conversion of 40ft containers for different purposes has really changed the world  – these can cater to the needs of people in different walks of life and in all different countries. Some of the most popular post-conversion uses of 40ft containers are:

  • The trend to use these as living space is growing with every passing day. A 40ft container is ideal for a house conversion project.
  • Large shipping containers are suitable for securing additional space for hospitals, surgical centers, and other health care needs.
  • A 40ft container is also ideal for a restaurant space because it has enough space for the kitchen and the diners.
  • Schools are also using these shipping containers to add space without spending much from their budget. A 40ft container offer a perfect size for a regular classroom.
  • There is also a growing trend to use 40ft containers for fabulous home pools

If you’re in the market for a large storage space, the team at Shipping Containers Adelaide can assist in hiring or purchasing a 40ft container.