If you’re looking for the best place to buy or hire a shipping container, you’ve come to the right place. At Shipping Containers Adelaide, we have one of the largest ranges of new, used and modified shipping containers, with depots situated all around Australia.

Standard Shipping Containers

Our high quality containers are made with solid Corten steel (also known as weathering steel, because exposure to the elements actually causes a protective layer) and feature double doors with a 270 degree opening for easy access and solid timber flooring. Incredibly strong, wind-proof, vermin proof and waterproof, they’re made to last for many years. Popular for both shipping and storage they are available in 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot sizes. You can choose from general purpose, high cube, and side opening. Click the pictures below for more information on our standard range of shipping containers.

Specialised Shipping Containers

General purpose shipping containers cover a multitude of uses, but some good require more specialised treatments. Open top shipping containers are required when goods need to be top loaded. Flat rack containers are useful for machinery or awkwardly shaped goods, whilst refrigerated and insulated containers are designed for goods that need to be held at a particular temperature. Like all shipping containers, they are designed to be stacked on a ship and face rigorous weather conditions, so they are all of the highest quality and built to last. Click the pictures below for more information on our specialised range of shipping containers

Shipping Containers Designed Especially for Worksites

What do you do when you have a worksite that’s only temporary, but still needs all the facilities of a proper worksite like offices, toilets, lunch rooms, kitchens and accommodation? You ship them in of course – and then ship them out again when you’re finished. The portable, secure, robust and stackable nature of a shipping container makes it the perfect blank slate to be transformed into whatever worksite solution you require. Site offices, switch rooms, first aid rooms, lunch rooms, ablution blocks, accommodation etc, we have a whole range of modified shipping containers ready to go, all of which can have extra accessories added if required. We also have a new range of container shelters which add an extra range of protection and functionality to your worksite.

Customised Containers – Create Your Own Shipping Container Masterpiece

Got something special in mind? You really have come to the right place. At Shipping Containers Adelaide, we can create just about anything you like out of your shipping container. This is a fantastic option when you need a portable gallery, exhibition showcase, travelling workshop or pop-up shop! Bars, restaurants, coffee carts, food vans – you name it, we’ve created it. And we can create your masterpiece too.

Shipping Containers for Your Back Yard

Remember, we provide shipping containers for residential properties too. So if you’ve ever wondered if a shed or granny flat or workshop might be a good addition to your property then give us a call and we can help sort it all out for you.

Decided That a Shipping Container is for You?

Of course it is! And Shipping Containers Adelaide is undoubtedly the best place to buy it from. If you’d like to buy or hire a shipping container, simply fill out the online quote form, or give us a call on (08) 6166 3598 and let us help organise your shipping container needs for you.