Safety and affordability have increased the use of shipping containers around the world. The customisation of shipping containers in Adelaide has further revolutionised their usage. It allows converting a container into an office building, a retail shop, a kiosk, and even a luxurious restroom. However, it is mandatory to hire container modification specialists to modify your shipping container to suit your requirements. Some of the customisation options include:

Entry Doors

Usually, we use containers for shipping goods. Therefore, these come with standard cargo doors at one end. Although these doors are very functional, the addition of customised doors provides easy access to your belongings in the container. A wide variety of sizes and options are available for you to choose the one that fits your unique needs.

Skylights, Windows, and Security Bars

Another widespread form of customisation is the addition of skylights, windows, and security bars in windows. People who want natural light to flow through their living space or office choose this customisation option. However, it is up to you to select the size. Typically, windows of size 2ftX2ft and 3ftX3ft are standard. 2ftX2ft skylights are also a standard. The flow of natural light through the container increases the working capacity of the people in it.


Working for long hours in shipping containers becomes impossible during harsh climates. Therefore, the installation of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system is in need. Different options are available depending on the size of the area you intend to climate control. The customisation experts recommend using window AC for regulating the temperature inside your container. However, nowadays, commercial through walls HVAC systems are available that offer heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning functionalities.

Interior Finishing

Do you know that interior finishing can drastically change the temperature of your container? Therefore, most people buy insulated containers or get these insulated after purchase. Container experts recommend using fibreglass insulation because it gives a home-like feeling. You can also go with thermal coating and polystyrene foaming options with varied thickness. Panelling or plywood are also among the standard options.

Electrical Lighting and Flooring

Both flooring and electrical lighting are crucial to converting your shipping container into a workspace. Usually, marine plywood with a thickness of 1-1/8” is a standard. However, you can install a steel sheet, vinyl floor covering, and commercial carpet tile to enhance the looks. Also, the installation of electric lights, outlets, and phone lights are mandatory to meet your expectations. Lighting options include flood lighting, porch lighting, LED lights, overhead lighting, and receptacles.

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