If you’ve ever looked at a shipping container to provide additional storage space for your home, you might be wondering if they are fireproof; after all, you don’t want to store your belongings in something where they won’t be protected from the elements.

There is good news – shipping containers are largely fireproof, and shouldn’t burn.

Containers are made from galvanised steel which ensures shipping containers are tough, weather-proof and able to withstand the elements. This includes being highly fire-resistant. Want to know how fire resistant shipping containers are? Fire brigades across the country often use containers for their training.

Do Shipping Containers Have a Fire Rating?

While they are fireproof, whether the containers have a fire rating or not all comes down to the container you have. Generally, unless your container is insulated, it won’t contain a fire rating. If you need something a little tougher, containers used to ship dangerous and hazardous goods are purpose built for combustibles, explosives and toxic chemicals, so if you’re a little worried on them being fireproof, you have some options when it comes to shipping containers.

Can a Shipping Container Burn?

We all know that just because something is fireproof, it doesn’t mean that it is never going to catch on fire. When you have an item that faces the Australian elements, you never quite know what it is going to have thrown at it.

In it’s very basic state, with no internals other than the standard plywood floor, a shipping container, in essence, is just a solid steel box, albeit a large one. While heat and flames may scorch or buckle the walls, shipping containers should remain mostly intact. The only time you will have issues, is if the container is opened as a fire goes past, and the plywood flooring catches on fire.

While shipping containers are largely fireproof, they aren’t damage proof. You should however be reassured that your belongings will be safer inside the shipping container than outside it in the case of a fire.

If you live or work in a fire prone area and need a safe storage solution, talk to our friendly and professional team.