Shipping containers are an essential part of the global supply chains. They transport various items across the world and are a key component not only in international trade but across the country. When wanting to use a shipping container for moving goods either internationally or domestically to and from a port, you will need to find out the closest port to your location and find out how they most commonly move their containers.

There are many different ways to move a shipping container from the port to your destination. The most common ways are by truck, rail, and sea.

Shipping containers are made to be transported by freight train and ship. They are sealed, which prevents any of the interior contents from being exposed to the outside environment. They are the size of a standard railway car or a small truck, so they can easily be moved as needed between trains and ships.

The container is typically loaded onto train cars or trucks for transportation by rail or road respectively. The containers can be loaded into trains with cranes at a port or they can be driven on a flatbed trailer to a port for loading onto ships. When it comes time to unload them at their destination, they will also often need to be unloaded with cranes in order for them to exit the rail cars or trucks they arrived on.

Transport Options for Shipping Containers

  • Trucks are the cheapest method of transportation. They can carry one or more containers at a time and the price will depend on how far away you are from your destination.
  • Sea freight is the best option if the roads are unsuitable to travel or rail is not available, but it is usually more expensive than trucks; however, it has less complexity with loading and unloading. Of course, sea freight is used when shipping internationally.
  • A train is the third option for transporting containers, but they are limited because they cannot pass through tunnels or go up steep grades. Trains also don’t run to all destinations so need to be unloaded or loaded at the station to take the next part of their journey.

If you’re thinking of purchasing or hiring a shipping container but not quite sure how to move it from location to location, give us a call. We can run you through the shipping containers available and how they are best moved. We’ll help you choose the right container to meet your needs and your budget.